If you have always been a fan of Zombies and love playing games based on it, then here is a gift for you this season.

The American video game developer, Treyarch has recently unfolded that a new beta version of the game for PlayStation is going to be released in August.

It lasted from 19 August, and for five days until 23 August.

However, the gamers were initially confused whether the version will be available for PC and Xbox or not.

The developers have made it clear that the beta version will be for the Microsoft platform, PC and Xbox One before Call of Duty: Black Ops III formally hits the stores.

According to the reports, Treyarch signed a deal with Sony in order to confirm that the updates of Black Ops III and DLCs will be launched to PlayStation before any other consoles.

All the gamers who wish to receive the latest version and enjoy Call of Duty: Black Ops III will have to pre-order the game via different participating stores such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Store.

Since only a limited number of beta tickets are available, it is mandatory for all gaming lovers to order it as early as possible.

The Reports of IGN

IGN, the largest entertainment website has recently confirmed that Black Ops III will have zombies in it.

Zombies will be the major attraction for players. So, if you enjoy of the company of these undead creatures, then this is a feature that you?ll definitely like.

The Zombies mode of the game is said to have star-studded cast of different actors that will voice the characters. It will definitely captivate your interest when you hear the voice of your favourite actor.

Further, IGN mentions that the entire crew of characters is deeply flawed. It seems that they have a secret, which makes them seek improvements.

The shadow man, Robert Picardo?s character, inspires the characters. Like him, the characters offer to help, but have a malicious motive behind it.

Such information has given a deep insight into the beta version before its official declaration.

About the Characters

Black Ops III?s Zombies map is based on Der Reise. You can avail it as a bonus content that is all-inclusive in all the versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops III?s collector?s editions.

The story of the Zombies has been picked up with prior characters including Richtofen, Takeo, Nikolai and Dempsey.

The trailer for the new beta version is out for the gamers to develop an interest in the game.

The Zombies mode map comes with a hint that the coming years are set to be changed by Doctor Edward Richtofen.

Treyarch revealed the entire list of items that is a part of each Call of Duty editions during a conference recently.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Juggernog and Hardened are available for pre-order.

If you will order it early on your PS4 and Xbox One, then you will also have access to the upcoming multiplayer beta version.


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