Xbox 360 has been in the market for three years now and there are a lot of games that have been released since then.

Among the many spectacular ones, there were a lot of bad games too. Although nothing is as terrible as Aquaman or Drake of the 99 Dragons, there are others, which could be quite disappointing when you play.

Here is a list of the top 10 games that just did not make the cut. They are in no particular order.

#1-Two Worlds

This game has terrible graphics, awful game play and control. In every aspect of it, this game is an absolute disaster. Never play this nor recommend it to others.

#2-Bomberman: Act Zero

Extremely sinful and dark, they do not have appealing visuals, sound, and even an offline multiplayer option. The game play is horrendous and it is only wise to avoid it.

#3-Jumper: Griffin’s Story

When a game is usually migrated from a lesser configured system to Xbox 360 a high deal of effort goes into making it better looking and shiny.

But in this game the graphics were horrible from the beginning. The game play is very bad and the worst is that it?s not free. You need to pay $60.

#4-Sonic the Hedgehog

The developers have seemed to forgotten the main selling point of Sonic the Hedgehog, which is running really fast.

Nobody is expecting new characters and definitely they don’t need a human kiss. The longer load times, awkward controls, and bad camera makes it unbearable.

#5-Hour of Victory

The main problem with this game is that it a very old version. The other evident problems include AI, sounds, design level, and graphics. With every move you?ll find a fault or two.

#6-Beijing 2008

The official videogame of Beijing Olympics, 2008 is the most outdated game. It is very difficult to use and the features like button controls are very obsolete.

Finding anything on the menu is impossible with everything all over the place. The long load times make it even more difficult to cope up with the game.

#7-Vampire Rain

One of the easiest stealth games created in the gaming history. The whole concept is not conceived very well and after a point of time it just becomes boring to play the games.

There are so many cut-scenes, which are broken up because of the load times that take longer than usual. The sound and graphics are okay, but still gives you a bitter experience.

#8-Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009

This is exclusively meant for lazy people because you don’t even have to move your boat. There is no strategy, challenge or any realistic feel.

Their customer list is small and they only attract people who want to fish virtually.

#9-NFL Tour

Although, there aren’t many fans out there for NFL street series, EA has attempted an Arcade-style football. Defence is hard, while the offense is insanely easy. The commentary is repetitive and boring.

#10-NASCAR 08

EA dropped down even lower after NASCAR. Although this game is perfect for people who love car racing, it makes it impossible to handle after lap 1.

The graphics, lack of different modes, and sounds make it a disappointing affair.

So, if you?re looking for an appropriate game for your Xbox 360 console, be sure to avoid these!


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