Yoshi is back after a long absence of almost two decades, the last time was 1997?s Yoshi?s Story, and it is clear to see what made this character so popular in the first place.

Yoshi?s Woolly World, from Good-Feel and meant for the Wii U has just been launched in Europe to overwhelmingly favourable reviews and the two year wait from the time Nintendo originally spoke about it seems to have been worth it.

This side-scrolling platformer video game has all the elements needed to keep the players busy and in fact, it takes inspiration from Kirby?s Epic Yarn from the same developer.

The game is set in Craft Island and it revolves around the Yoshi Clan. The villainous Kamek transforms all the family members into Wonder Wools, in order to abduct them, but Yoshi steps up to rescue them.

Yoshi?s Island was a far better platformer, but this game is also a great deal of fun. It has excellent visuals and very smooth gameplay, and brings back excellent memories of all the old Yoshi games.

The thing that stands out the most about the game is that it is extremely silly, in an entirely good way.

Yoshi?s Woolly World can be played singly and by two people. The developer should have certainly added a four-player functionality since it is there on every other Wii U platformer.

The initial four worlds of the game are very easy to play, but it gets quite tough from there onwards.

The yarn texture of the game gives it a unique and interesting look.

In fact, the aesthetic of the game is very attractive and adds to its immense appeal. The game also has many collectibles and there are many areas that have to be explored.

People feel that Nintendo games are meant only for kids, and indeed Yoshi?s Woolly World has a goofy quality that will appeal not only to kids, but also to the young at heart.

Nintendo has obviously tried to cater to a younger demographic with this game. Even so, it has to be stated that the game isn?t entirely easy to play and it can be quite challenging and frustrating at certain levels.

The game has Amiibo functionality, which you can use to unlock extra skins.

The game also has an AI co-op mode, which can be unlocked with the Amiibo, but you might not be very happy to do this because it its quite frustrating to play in this mode.

There?s nothing very special about the sound effects of the game although the little noises made by Yoshi can be quite cute.

Yoshi?s Woolly World is no doubt a very simple platformer that does not have the depth of some of Nintendo?s other big hits.

Even so, the game is likely to do well in Japan and the United States when it launches there in the near future.

As long as Nintendo keeps releasing good games for the Wii U, owners of this console won?t have to worry about being abandoned in favour of the Nintendo NX.


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