It shouldn?t come as a surprise to anyone that Xbox One has crashed and burned in Japan, with Wii U and PS4 selling hundreds of times more units of it in the country.

Sales of the Xbox One in Japan were never spectacular to start with and the product has been shuddering along in that market ever since its lacklustre launch in September 2014.

As a matter of fact, the sales numbers at the time of its launch were so bad that very few people expected it to generate a great deal of interest in the market.

In comparison, the Xbox did fairly well in Japan and the Xbox 360 gave its competitors a run for their money.

Sales numbers for the Xbox One dropped so low that the total sales in the whole of Japan during the second week of June this year were a mere 100.

This number is just horrible even if you take into account that the market for high end gaming consoles is very limited.

Even so, the PS4 sold more than 10,000 units in the same period and the Wii U sold more than 16,000 units.

Even a console as old as the PS3 sold almost 3,000 units during the same period.

One reason that the market for high end consoles is shrinking is that people increasingly prefer to play video games on their mobile phones or tablets.

Hand held mobile devices are not just convenient to play games on but game manufacturers now create games that are formatted for their size.

Even so, the downturn in the market is affecting Xbox One disproportionately.

Even the Vita is doing better than it in the Japanese market even though there are hardly any games that can be played on it.

The pathetic sales figures of the Xbox One represent a major problem for Microsoft because Japan represents a very big market for the company.

In fact, Takashi Sensui, the Japan head for Xbox put in his papers in order to accept responsibility for its embarrassingly low performance.

However, Microsoft has not released any official statement about the performance of this gaming console.

The company made major attempts to promote the product by releasing a range of exclusive products that could be played on it.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is a very good example of the new product releases but it hasn?t been able to arrest the slide of this ill-fated gaming console.

There are a few more interesting product launches scheduled for the coming year; perhaps they will be able to revive the flagging Japanese interest in the Xbox One.

The company is also planning to launch games made especially by Japanese developers and designed for this specific market.

Thankfully, this problem seems to be restricted to this country because the Xbox One seems to be selling pretty well in other parts of the world.

Even so, Microsoft will have to rethink its strategy in Japan if it wishes to stay afloat in this particular market.


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