To start with, you only need a single Xbox Live subscription to use it on Xbox 360 and XboxOne, without the worry of whether your Marketplace wallet will be accepted on either option.

The next time you buy a subscription or any other means of crediting your account; you don?t need to be concerned about its suitability, because it will work.

Further, Xbox Live will have a few significant changes that enable it to offer enhanced performance.

  • The entire family can share a single subscription. All you need is an Xbox Live Gold subscription for every console in your family irrespective of how many gamertags there are. The subscriptions cost $60 (or less) per year depending on the offers available.
  • You will also be able to play on any XboxOne system in the world if you sign in using your gamertag. All the games you?ve previously downloaded to your system will be available to you and you can play them if you have the discs with you.
  • It offers you an immense range of games to choose from, in addition to many different apps even if you are not a Gold subscriber.
  • You can now maintain a friends list numbering up to a cool 1,000 people, with the list being automatically updated with the names of your Xbox 360 friends. So, you don?t have to go through the trouble of doing it.
  • You can now also maintain a lower tier of contacts called followers who will only see data that you share with them. For instance, they won?t be able to track the games you play or even discover when you are online.

Xbox Live on XboxOne is able to offer so many features as well as enhanced playing experience thanks to cloud computing.

  • Since the cloud handles many routine aspects of powering a game such as lighting and AI, plenty of resources can be freed to ensure optimum performance. For instance, the graphics quality will be fantastic and the frame rate can be maintained at a specific rate without the fear of stuttering.
  • The other benefit of being linked to cloud is that updates can be downloaded automatically as soon as the manufacturers release them.
  • Since each game will be hosted on dedicated servers, they can be played a lot faster and smoother, with practically no interruptions.

Smoother Matchmaking by Tracking Reputations

Like all matchmaking efforts, this works best if only the list is narrowed down to suitable people with others being weeded out.

You will be happy to know that matchmaking has been perfected by Xbox Live on XboxOne and there is hardly any error in the results.

Funnily enough, people who get negative feedback will be matched to similar people; this ensures that serious players don?t have to get bothered by certain people.

In conclusion, Xbox Live on XboxOne is a great buy because it gives you so many attractive features, each one more important than the other, without having to spend a lot of money.


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