In these days of aggressive and combative competition, when rivals portray themselves as supreme and unbeatable, the response of Xbox One chief, Phil Spencer regarding Xbox overtaking PS4, was on unexpected lines. The ripples it created has made Spencer give a rejoinder to his initial answer.

?I don?t know!?

When reporters posed Spencer the question if Xbox One would out last its main rival, Sony?s PlayStation, Spencer had very frankly said that he doesn?t know if it could. He did not forget to point out the length of time Sony has been in the entertainment business comparing with Microsoft. Finally, very honestly and forthrightly he acknowledged that Sony has a very good product in hand. However, in today?s corporate world, as niceties take a back seat, Spencer?s plain speak was construed as acknowledging defeat openly.

Xbox One in Comparison to PS4

While in Japan the market is literally dominated by Sony, Microsoft?s Xbox One shows a very marginal presence. While elsewhere, around the globe Xbox One has been doing much better, the figures reveal that PS4 sells almost double the quantity Xbox One sells. Interestingly, in spite of such clear lead, Sony has slashed the rates of PS4 now, which has made the selling price of both the consoles on par.

Reasons for Lagging Behind

Musing over the general apathy of the gamers towards Xbox One, Phil Spencer feels that a couple of decisions of the company during the formative stages of the product are the reason for the slower start made by the product in the market. Firstly, he feels that the decision to present the console to be played only online did not go down well with the gamers. Secondly, the incompatibility of Xbox One with the previous generation Xbox consoles is another grey area.

Finally, Xbox One was launched as a console from which used games could not be played. This probably also received a thumps down from the gamers. However, with Spencer at the helm, all these decisions have been reversed. Yet, Spencer opines that it could take some time for the potential buyers to come to terms with the changes being made and accept the product as it?s being launched.

Xbox One Boss? Tweets

Quickly realising the negative reaction that his statement might have caused in the market, Phil Spencer has tweeted a clarification about his comment about the sale of Xbox One. He has written in his twitter handle that the prerogative of Microsoft is to offer great quality games and not to bother about the competition. And towards that goal, the company has already engaged in releasing a few, but very exciting games over the next year. In addition, Microsoft is also planning to offer packages for the games to make it attractive for their fans.

Calculated Promotions

Initiatives like withholding games with backwards compatibility and reducing dependence on third party content by Microsoft are in line with the company?s philosophy of offering top games and experience to the fans who look forward to play on their favourite gaming console.


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