With anticipation and excitement growing among the Xbox users over the new set of games, which are likely to be launched shortly, we have gathered the latest news among others from the Vice President of the software designing company-Bethesda Softwork?s on the developments, which are waiting to be unfurled. The inputs gathered on the forthcoming games including Black Ops 3, Fallout 4 and GTA 5 reveal to the fans glimpses of what is in store for them. It discloses that as far as the content, all games are packed heavily with materials to satisfy fans.

Fallout 4 Unveiled

Bethesda Softwork?s Vice President, Pete Hines without revealing much in his dialogue with the Express has given a peep into the soon to-be-launched game. The revelation has outlined to the fans of Xbox One, PS and PC games that the choices before them when they eventually get to it are going to be not that easy to make. The story unfolding in Fallout 4 is based on the principles of karma handing the players a few, but very difficult decisions to make in the course of the game. The Bethesda Softwork?s VP has further revealed that the games unfold in real time and the games are not short of content.

What is in Store in Black Ops 3?

Unlike the tight-lipped Pete Hines, spokesperson at Activision, the publisher of the much awaited sequel to the Black Ops franchise, Black Ops 3, has provided better insight about the new game. Set in the backdrop of destruction, this shooting game showcases many next generation weapons. The story is set in the year 2065 when cold war escalates among the powers of the world. The players are given the task of navigating through the obstacles and searching for their missing brethren. While in the new version of the game almost everything is modified, one thing that stays put is the element of surprise, which is always associated with the game of Black Ops. Yet another info unveiled in the trailer of the game released is that the lead role in the game is enacted by TV star, Christopher Meloni.

GTA?s new advantage is that the characters could take on temporary roles, which also mean that the players who are banned could get behind the gown of alternate characters and escape the ban. Yet another interesting feature added to GTA 5 is that once the characters are in the temporary attire, they cannot be tracked. Players are provided with option to change username using either the memory or the cheat engine.

Rockstar, the publisher of the immensely popular GTA series, somehow have not worked out on recasting the temporary characters. However, to the joy of the fans, Rockstar has released a new key to help the players know about the latest gimmicks as well as to help them be competitive in the recently launched game features, which have been included in the game, only a few months back.


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