It is true that the fans of Xbox One are eagerly waiting for Microsoft to bring out the console in full. According to the media reports, Xbox One is still doubtful about the date of release of Project Scorpio. However, it is true that nothing much has been seen from the high-spec Xbox One Scorpio console that was announced last year. It has left people disappointed.

In the Words of Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer, Boss of Xbox, was recently asked about the exact date of the launch of Project Scorpio. The fans wanted to know if it would be unveiled before the E3 gaming expo or not. To this, Spencer replied that he is unsure about the release date but understand the curiosity of the fans to have it at the soonest. In addition to this, it can be clearly seen that Microsoft is not all clear about the dates but is working towards it. He further stated that Scorpio is doing great and his teams are just warming themselves up and getting tuned to release the project. He revealed that great progress is going on across the platform and studios.

The company has also declared a holiday 2017 release date for the project but it may release it earlier. The reason behind the earlier release is that the other rival consoles are entering the market with a bang and are all set to captivate the eyes of the players. Consequently, the company wants to release the Project Scorpio at the time when it can attract the maximum eyes without much competition from others. On the other hand, if the console is not released this June then the late release is expected. Irrespective of the date of release, the fact is that the wait is worth it.

What Microsoft has to Say?

Microsoft has mentioned that the Project Scorpio is not at all like PC. The company cleared that it is completely a gaming console exactly like the Xbox One. In fact, Spencer confirmed the same to a fan when he said that Scorpio was a gaming PC. Spencer made it clear that it is nothing like gaming PC and is solely a console. He added that there is a huge difference between consoles and gaming PC making a mention of Scorpio, XB1, XB1S and PC. The most important news that has been revealed is that the new Scorpio console will be priced like a premium console, so fans must be ready for it.

To add on, the news clear that the Xbox One Scorpio is going to be the unique and most powerful console released ever. It is known that this console will have six teraflops of GPU, which further has the ability to support virtual reality gaming and render 4K gaming. Thus, it will be a great feast for the players who are waiting for it eagerly. Microsoft claims it to be a unique of its kind, as it has already explored the other existing gaming consoles that can hardly handle true 4k gaming. No doubt, Project Scorpio is aiming to reach the greatest heights by offering exclusive gaming experience.

The Bottom Line

The release of Xbox One Scorpio is much awaited by its fans and the others in the industry. It is sure that the company will unveil it with a boom and is just waiting for the right time to do so. As a fan of gaming console, you should just stay updated with the latest news by Microsoft and wait for the Project Scorpio to get released at the soonest. Get ready for a never felt gaming experience!


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