There?s quite a bit of Xbox One news this week including the full release of Fallout 4, a major jump for Mass Effect 4 and a really huge online update for GTA 5, which includes a brand new location.

Fallout 4

Bethseda Game Studios has been releasing information about Fallout 4 in small increments so far, but the suspense is about to come to an end in November 2015. The studio is preparing for the game?s release in different markets and will be offering a whole lot of goodies along with it. Buyers of the game can pick up special Christmas jumper, a whole lot of Mystery Minis vinyl figures, a special Fallout: Monopoly set as well as a Limited Edition Collector’s Guide. It?s not clear whether the Monopoly set will be available in any market outside of North America. Even so, there are indications that the board game will be available outside of America sometime in 2016.

The Fallout Vault-Tec Christmas Jumper priced at ?34.99 is one of the most attractive products in the women?s collection. The Limited Edition Collector’s Guide priced at ?24.99 includes seven attractive lithograph pictures of Vault Boy, in addition to a fantastic world map poster. The Merch bundle at ?99.99 is also expected to be very popular with fans of the game.


There is great news for fans of GTA 5. Rockstar Games is offering a whole lot of fantastic content that will rev up interest in the online multiplayer game. The Lowrider update dated 20 October was a vast improvement on the seasonal patches offered by Rockstar up until now. Players of the game have definitely been looking forward to the patches to stock up on their collection of base items like clothes and accessories. The big content release is the studio?s way of changing the online landscape of the game and it is probably in response to the news that old-gen consoles will not be included in future updates. Fans of the game will also probably enjoy the Freemode Events because it is a way they can actually earn cash while playing with others online.

In other news for GTA 5, Lamar will have a big role to play in the game’s newly introduced missions. The developers of the game have also sorted out a few issues with disconnection when players set out on missions. There are also new channels available to players who would like to play in large groups and take part in immense battles. The new expansion will also give players additional options to customise their vehicles.

Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4’s newest jump to full mission construction is expected to be really convincing and fans of the game will definitely enjoy it. The game?s developer BioWare isn?t releasing a whole lot of information about the developments as yet, except to say that they?ll probably have to get used to the idea of playing without Commander Shepard in charge. There will be more information available about the Mass Effect Andromeda project later on in 2015, but the developer has definitely taken a lot of trouble to ensure that the game will be absolutely fantastic.


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