PlayStations may have introduced you to online games on consoles and have entertained you a lot.

However, Xbox Live has taken over recently and has overpowered Sony greatly.

With Microsoft?s Xbox One, players definitely feel a quick transition to modern console generation and advanced gaming.

While talking about PS4, it does not compel and excite the players much to buy it. Nonetheless, mentioned below mentioned are a few major reasons, which offers Microsoft an edge over Sony!

Why I Chose Xbox One Over PlayStation 4?

#1-External Storage Capability

If you are playing on the PS4, then you have the liberty to upgrade the internal hard drive with a much larger unit.

Thus, it is a irritable process involving many other things, which does not make it any better than Xbox One.

Unlike on the game console, it is a mess here to back up the data, install OS software etc.

However, in Xbox One, you can choose any of the shell external USB hard drive and plug in easily. This means that you can take full benefits of massive storage space without any hassles.

#2-The Price

In this regard also, Microsoft enjoys an upper hand over Sony. You will notice that PS4 is full of games like The Last of Us and Batman?s Arkham Knight.

These games are available for around $400, while Master Chief Collection and Assassin?s Creed for Xbox One are offered in only $50 by Microsoft.

The best part is that if you want to buy a 1 TB edition Xbox One, then you can grab it right away, as it will take only $400 price space that PS4 occupies with a single game.

Not to forget, Microsoft is even rendering a second free game with a new Xbox One. Yes, you can get it at no extra cost and can enjoy two free games.

Therefore, it is quite clear that Microsoft is surely a better deal than Sony when it comes to cost comparison!

#3-Universal Apps

The news hit saying that Universal App change for Microsoft?s Xbox One will acquire real world rewards.

In addition to this, thousands of latest apps are expected to come up upon its launch.

No doubt, it is a big deal for the developers to create a single unified app and fulfil the gaming needs of Xbox customers.

#4-Xbox Live

This is one thing that you cannot do without.

Nothing can be more amazing and exciting than experiencing Xbox Live. It is mere fun when you can enjoy seamless access into capabilities, messaging and have consistent friends lists.

Microsoft started this in 2002, while PSN got live only in 2006, which gives Xbox Live an edge over PS4.

The Xbox One is all about integration with the party sessions, friends system and chats. In fact, this is one of those compelling reasons to buy, which Sony does not offer.

So, if you are still confused between Xbox One and PS4, consider these aspects. They are sure to help you in making an informed decision!


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