Microsoft MSFT is issuing invites to all and sundry to preview the newly redone User Interface for the Xbox One. The ?Xbox One Experience: Preview Program? is no doubt happening at the right time since the company very badly needs to streamline a number of issues that users have pointed out with the console. As a matter of fact, the playing experience is far better now than what was initially available. However, what is upsetting a lot of Xbox users is that the new console?s UI isn?t exactly the best one to keep in case they want to play games without any interruptions. Very simply put, it has far too many bugs as of now to be particularly enjoyable while playing games.

As surprising as it is to believe, most people who have previewed the Xbox One UI have complained that the games they tried out were broken. While people are willing to encounter a few interruptions or problems here and there when trying out a new product, they certainly don?t have the patience for a console that does not work and causes a whole lot of fatal errors. It is not even like the problem is restricted to one or two games.

We tried out Xbox Fitness, Elite: Dangerous, Destiny: The Taken King and even games from Saints Row; these games could not be launched at all time and time again. What is even worse is that the problem did not stop at that. Games such as Elder Scrolls Online and Assassin?s Creed Unity also had a whole lot of glitches that made them no fun to play at all. The actual list of games that did not perform well is far longer. Furthermore, there was also a dishearteningly long and varied list of apps that did not perform well. People who like TED, WWE, SlingTV or MLB, to name a few, are sure to be disappointed because they simply do not work properly on the new UI.

Very frankly, gamers these days have no patience for DLC crashes or less than the highest quality in graphics and these problems abounded in the games that we tried out. Thankfully, Microsoft allows you to cancel your enrolment from the programme if you don?t feel like it is giving you sufficient value (the program is not cheap, so you have to spend your money wisely).

It is very likely that Microsoft is quite aware of these problems with the new UI and is taking steps to sort the issue out at the earliest. As a matter of fact, it is probably risking getting a lot of flak from users just so that it can fix the various bugs that they point out. Users of the Xbox One shouldn?t have too much to worry about in any case. Microsoft is sure to fix all issues with the new UI by the time is goes live later on this year. We feel that it?s best to skip the preview programme entirely in order to avoid the headaches, and get the finished product when it does hit the market.


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