A firmware update is required to be downloaded by all existing Xbox users from now on.

It is reported that the new firmware will not feature any major User Interface changes. The update will be available by the end of this week.

The update is necessary as it will prepare the Xbox One consoles for some of the more upgraded features.

The new features to be added to the console will be Xbox 360 backward compatibility and Windows 10 streaming.

There are about 20 games that can be played on the console. The Xbox 360 backward compatibility has seen the daylight at the E3 this year.

It was received with a good reception after its launch. But the feature is still in his nascent stages where the company is still testing it.

It will only be available to its users by the end of this year. Xbox 360 will have more games and hence, the software is being installed to prepare users for the upgrade.

Undoubtedly, another feature that all the Xbox users are keenly waiting for is the option for streaming Windows 10.

It is slated to release commercially on 29 July. The streaming service will be launched in tandem with the operating system?s launch.

Another important development is the fact that Windows 10 will now allow cross-platform play.

There will also be the possibility of cross-purchase of games and the effective streaming of all games. There will also be improved connectivity between the PC and the Xbox.

It is also said that you can now communicate and connect with your friends through your Xbox and Windows 10 PCs more effectively now.

This can be done while playing any game that you want. You also have the option of capturing and sharing your most memorable gaming moments.

Friends are also not far away as you can connect with them and play games across devices. All the games are better in terms of their speed, graphics and efficiency.

Not only should the users look forward to the backward compatibility, but also to the upcoming and new UI overhaul that will be launched this fall.

The UI overhaul promises several more advanced and new improvements that will be made to the operating system.

Some of the highlights include the following.

  • The feature of Home has been effectively redesigned to make it more usable.
  • A new guide that directly transfers all the invites, friend requests and messages to your Home even when you are in the middle of a game.
  • A community section has been added to expand the friends section. The Xbox One activity feed allows users to connect with each other and expand their gaming base. It is also helpful so that no one gets out of touch.
  • Better image quality has also become a priority for the developers this time around. The look and feel of all the avatars is being reworked and are modernised.
  • Cortana is a personal gaming companion that functions across Windows 10 tablets, PCs and phones. It uses voice commands.


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