Winstones is a slot game from Gamesys group based on the renowned cartoon characters from one of the most famous cartoon shows, The Flintstones. It is a five reel and 25 pay line game, which means that there are five reels that spin together to form a winning combo. When these reels stop spinning, the software checks for the winning combo and if it matches the winning one, it will pay you accordingly.

If you are one of those people who loved the Flintstones, then this could be the perfect game for you!

Even in the Stone Age, the Flintstones knew how to party and have fun, along with the dinosaurs. The player has two options, either to play the game for free or try it with real money.

Winstones slot offers wild symbols, scatter symbols and a wheel bonus feature game, where players have a chance to win a maximum of 20 spins with a multiplier, which multiplies the winnings by 5x.

How to Play Winstones Slot

The Main Aim

The basic aim of the game is to win maximum amount of money by hitting the right winning combinations. It depends on the symbols of the game and if the right symbols show up for players, some decent amount can be won.

Game Play of Winstones Slot

Before you begin playing Winstones slot, you?ll need to alter the settings first. Here?s how you can do them.

Choosing the Coin Size

Click on (+) option to increase the coin size per bet and (-) to decrease the coin size. The coin size has to be selected before spinning the reels. The higher your coin size, the higher are your returns when you manage to hit the winning combo.

Number of Pay Lines

This slot is a 25 pay line game, which in simple words means, there are 25 chances to spin the winning combo of various symbols in the game. You don?t necessarily need to enable all the pay lines for a particular spin. You can start with a few and then keep increasing as per your convenience.

Total Bet Amount per Spin

If the bet value of your coin is 2.00 and you cap a maximum of 25 lines, then the cost of each spin will be 5.00.

Spin Option

Once you are done with selecting coin size and bet value, you can choose to hit spin. This will make the reels spin and show up a variety of symbols. If you?re lucky enough, they will show up in a winning combo and the slot machine will reveal the amount you?ve managed to win.

Auto Spin

There is an auto spin option available, which gives an option of selecting the number of spins that will be played automatically by the computer. Due to this, players don?t need to hit the spin button every time.

Pay Line

Pay lines can be determined by looking at the pay table for the multiple. Multiply the pay line bet by the amount of the coins to calculate possible winnings. By selecting Help and Pay option, you can view the pay table.

Winstones Logo-The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the game is the Winstones logo, also called the multiplier. This symbol can substitute various other symbols, in order to complete winning combos.

The wild symbol multiplies the paying amount of a winning combo that it completes, in cases where it substitutes any other symbol.

This symbol cannot substitute scatter symbol, Woolly Mammoth to complete the winning combo. Hence, Wheel Bonus feature cannot be enabled for players.

Important to Remember: The payout is just one winning combo per pay line. In cases, where there are possibilities of more than one winning combos, the player is rewarded with the highest value of the combo.

Woolly Mammoth-The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the game is Woolly Mammoth. A scatter symbol does not necessarily have to appear in a single line per pay line to make players win.

The scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the five reels and complete winning combos if two or more such symbols show up.

This symbol is shown in the Regular Payout Schedule and the total winnings can be calculated by multiplying the payout of the scatter symbol combo by the number of coins bet.

The Pterodactyl wheel bonus feature game will be enabled for the player, if three or more scatter symbol show up anywhere on the five reels.

Important to Remember: If player are able to score a normal win along with a scatter win, they get paid for both, since the scatter symbol does not have to show up in a single line. Pay line wins include the scatter wins too.

The Wheel Bonus Feature Round

This round will be enabled for you when three or more scatter symbols show up anywhere on the reels.

During this round, you get to spin the wheel once, which can make you win multipliers as well as free spins.

The Pterodactyl wheel consists of 13 segments and multiplier value and free spin is attached to each segment.

If three scatter symbols show up during the free spins round, the free spins round will be re-activated and players will be rewarded with the same number of spins, won by them initially. It gets added to their total.

Infinite free spins can be awarded to players during the free spins bonus round. During the free spins bonus round, the control buttons are deactivated, this also includes the pay line selectors. When this round gets over, the player returns to the normal game and his winnings are added to the total.

Bonus Prizes

Following are some of the bonus prizes that you can expect when you play this bonus feature.

  • Spin five times for free, along with two multipliers.
  • 10 free spins, along with three multipliers.
  • 15 free spins, along with three multipliers.
  • 20 free spins, with three or five multipliers.

Multi Line Slots

Players can win cash in a jiffy through multi line slots.

As the name suggests, players get an option of betting on more than one line. This increases the winning chances as players can bet on more lines. Each spin gives players an option of winning on more than one line.

When players select to bet on more than one line, the bet amount per line gets multiplied by the number of lines the player chooses.

Coin Size

The first step is to select the coin size as this will help manage the bet on each line.

It is important since the payouts are dependent on the coin size multiples. It also manages the total win amount that players can win.

Coin size value is displayed when players hit the (+) or (-) buttons.

Pay Lines

The number of lines to bet on can be selected. The lines will show up coloured for the player and when selected, will multiply the coin size chosen.

There are three ways to pick pay lines.

  • BET ONE option is selected to add a line. You can keep hitting this until maximum lines are selected. If you hit it more than the maximum lines available, it will take you back to the minimum lines and begin from one.
  • The coloured numbers are hit to select how many lines to play with.
  • BET MAX option will select maximum lines and will start the spin automatically.

The Multiple Symbols of Winstones Slot

The various symbols in this slot that you?ll come across are Winstones Logo, Russell Winstone, Cindy Winstone, The Rockalots, Lucky Dino, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine and Woolly Mammoth

The Final Verdict

You will love this game, if you are one of the many fans of The Flinstones. The slot version of the famous show, Winstones provides many bonuses and other prizes for players.

The jackpot is an impressive amount of 20,000 in the currency that you choose to play. The game play of this slot is fast and the theme is different from other slot games.

For slot lovers present out there, looking for something new, this is the most enthusiastic and entertaining online slots available. Although the risk is high compared to other slot games, the rewards are mind blowing!

Players will not have to settle with small winning amounts and can expect an amount, which will definitely satisfy their playing purposes.

The symbols in the game pay a good amount, from Winstones Logo to Cindy and Russell. If players are lucky enough, they can win many wins in the free spins bonus round. The scatter symbol also helps enable the Pterodactyl Wheel Bonus Round, which increases the winning chances tremendously.

This is a fresh game with a fresh theme, which makes sure players walk away with maximum amount possible. The jackpot is up for winning and it totally depends on the luck of the players and the risk they are ready to take to win the jackpot.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let this game take you back to the Stone Age, where having fun was very simple!


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