You can play roulette on your mobile devices at Winneroo Games. High resolution graphics and real sound ensures that you have a complete casino experience at home. The mobile format brings live roulette to your doorstep. You can play roulette from your home, office or on the move!

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The team at Winneroo Games has engineers of the highest level. They have put hours together to bring the best roulette experience to their customers. Facilities such as these are rare on other web portals.

As a member, you have the liberty to choose your own colour of chip and archive the pattern of your most liked bets. There are ready made bets that are provided to every customer for their convenience.

What?s more is that, a customer can get a full analytic report of their latest spin based on the history of the bet they have placed before. This helps a player create, adjust and form new strategy for future bets.

The interface of this portal is uncluttered and clean. It has been designed keeping in mind the screen proportion of the mobile screens. This helps a player make prudent bets. The roulette wheel has been represented quite beautifully on the mobile screen. The rotation of the ball is a classy experience of an actual casino!

You have the option of choosing between red and black chip. You can even classify the game as odd or even, corners or streets. Winneroo mobile platform will give you the option to do all of the things mentioned above at stunning high definition clarity.

With a new sign up, you?re eligible to receive a free sign up bonus of ?5. This bonus has no hidden condition and you don?t have to deposit any amount to be eligible for the bonus.

Playing Roulette at Winneroo Games

The mobile version of roulette is all about searching for the exact combination, which gives handsome returns. This portal gives players the classic and the advance option to do just that.

Roulette is all about making money. That being said, there is a possibility of losing as well. It makes sense to invest at equal odds to minimise risk. There is a separate pay table, which explains all the bets.

The Free Bonus at Winneroo Games

Mobile roulette can be played for free with the ?5 no-deposit bonus amount. This amount is credited to a players account as soon as he signs up for a fresh account.

This free amount can be enjoyed on any mobile device such as Android, iPhone and iPad. This is a risk free gaming arena and a player will surely want to play on the mobile platform experiencing it firsthand. Although roulette is the flagship game that the company is famous for, there are a lot of other star games which a player can play. Blackjack, bingo, and slots are a few examples of some other casino games that you can enjoy at Winneroo Games.

The History of Roulette

Pascal is credited as the discoverer of Roulette. This game dates back to the 18th century and it is believed that the game originated from France. The meaning of Roulette in French means little wheel.

Since then, this wheel has been used as a symbol of the roulette. It is pretty interesting to discover that the English game Roly-Poly has used the same wheel sign to represent it to the world.

However, this game could neither gain the recognition nor the respect as roulette did. It was only a 100 years back that the rules of this game were simplified in the USA. The mobile version has been in place for nearly 10 years now!


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