The first quarter financial result of Nintendo gives a fair indication of the health of the company, which though has had a head start over the competition, was languishing behind for some inexplicable reasons. In fact, the doomsayers had predicted that the company would further slip in to red in the first quarter of the year. However, unlike what had been predicted by the fatalists, Nintendo has managed to sustain sales and also improve on its profits.

Coming Up from Behind

While competitor products in the market including the PS4 and Xbox have attained a better sales figure in a much shorter period of time, Nintendo has taken nearly two and half years to touch the magical 10 million sales figure. But what is encouraging for the company is the sales figure of its new game, Splatoon, which has done exceedingly well in the short period since its launch towards the end of May 2015. In only over a month, the game has sold more than 1.6 million units.

Nintendo?s Strong Presence

With Mario Kart continuing to do well for Nintendo, the release of the successful Splatoon along with Amiibo, which is also marked as promising insiders opine that Nintendo could successfully turnover its slide and start recording profits henceforth. However, with stories of the imminent jump by Nintendo to the mobile platform doing their rounds endlessly, speculation was rife about Nintendo moving away from its present platform. Such rumours are however, scoffed by the company. The company is absolutely certain that the mobile platform would only be an additional platform and that the company would continue to support the existing games on their present platform.

Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX is most likely to be launched sometime in 2016 and is marked to cater to the growing market of mobile users. Games, which are most likely to be launched in this series include The Legend of Zelda. While games like Star Fox Zero, Mario Maker, Xenoblade Chronicles and a few other games are also being lined up by the game designers at Nintendo.

New Man on the Top

Unfortunately for Nintendo and the company?s fans, at a time when action is at the peak, the company has the misfortune of losing its livewire President. With the company yet to fill the vacuum caused by the demise of its President, presently, the show is being run by its two senior managing directors. The announcement of the new President is also being expected to be made in a short period of time.

Market Share across the Globe

Nintendo has further tracked its market share in various markets, globally. More than 50% of the company?s sale presently is from the US, while Nintendo also has a predominant presence in Japan. Presence of Nintendo in other markets like the UK cannot be discounted too. Armed with such complete data, Nintendo is all set to get in to the bandwagon of the big players in the industry namely, Sony Entertainment and Microsoft.


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