If you have a Nintendo Wii, chances are good that you’ve already been subjected to Wii Sports. In fact, you might know several people with a console who only have that game since it arrived in the box. Including that game was a brilliant idea by Nintendo since it offers a way to showcase the new console that offered a bold new mechanic.

Now with the MotionPlus controller attachment, Nintendo looks to showcase another device by offering another game that anyone can pick up and play. For those who haven’t heard of this new technology yet: It’s the new accessory that affixes to the end of a typical Wii Remote, adding another few centimeters to enhance the positional tracking of the motion control. This gives a much more accurate assessment of what you’re doing in the game.

In the selection of games offered, there are certainly some that are better than others. For example, you might enjoy 100 Pin Bowling and Swordplay more than others. Swordplay requires you to hold the Wii Remote in your hands like a sword, swinging or entering defensive stances. If you defend, you need to angle the sword to block the attack, or else they will just knock you backwards. Each fight moves fluidly.

One particularly impressive note of Swordplay comes in showdown mode in which you need to slash through a mass of enemies. It is a satisfying experience to knock down your foes by swinging the sword and then bash another one that appears in your path.

Even though each of the games are very simple, there are tutorials offered for your first time playing. One complaint here is that it can be tedious when you just want to throw a frisbee but need to click through various dialog boxes. Of course, the game is simplified greatly, so there’s no denying that Wii Sports Resort is a truly accessible game on the Wii — yet another victory for the console in attracting those who wouldn’t normally play a video game.

However, this means that none of the activities have any real depth to them; although some are challenging, an experienced gamer might get bored before unlocking all of the modes. It’s not a bad game, though; it’s a good one for picking up and playing for a few minutes at a time — how long the game lasts depends on who is playing it. It’s a suitable game for children, and one where you can involve the whole family. It’s a simple, familiar game that uses intuitive gameplay, and adding MotionPlus unlocks many new possibilities for the console itself.

Note that some of the activities do require that you add the nunchuck to the controller. If you don’t already have some at home, it would cost you a little extra to enjoy Power Cruising with four players.

Wii Sports Resort isn’t just a MotionPlus tech demo; it’s a great sequel to Wii Sports and can be enjoyed in small bursts alone or with friends and family.


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