It is no secret that everyone has played Super Mario when they were young. It was exciting to dodge the fireballs and the dragons and make your way to the Princess.

Mario has undoubtedly been an adept and energetic athlete when it comes to playing sports.

Apart from baseball and golf, what Mario is very popular at is Mario Tennis. The courtside is full of people and the visuals are so enthralling that it feels like an out-of-the-world experience.

It was recently reported that Mario Tennis has announced an improved version of the game called Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

Honestly, at first glance, it brings back memories of the previous instalments of the game. While the game does not change much, a few tweaks here and there definitely stand out!

After playing a couple of sets, it becomes clear that the ones who like a little experimentation will definitely like the game a lot.

Four players can play in a game. A new aspect about the game is its feature called Jumpshot Point.

You can use this move to your advantage by surprising the opponent and garnering an extra point.

Unfortunately, this is the only new element added to the game.

The actual thrill of the game lies in playing the Mega Battle. All the matches will start as ordinary games. But eventually, they will turn interesting.

At one point, when Mario acquires the Mega Mushroom, it transforms one of the existing characters into a giant, four times the size of the others.

The giant-sized character has certain advantages such as increased power and speed. It surely helps you gain a lot of points and puts your opponents in a fix. You will end up doubling your points and hence, your chances of winning also become manifold.

If you opt for the trial pack, then you may only encounter the Wild Mushroom, but if you avail of the entire version, several other power boosters are surely meant to come your way.

Some of these power boosters include Fire Flower, Tanooki Leaf and more. These added features can turn the game around drastically!

While the demo version of the game only allows you to choose four characters namely: Toad, Peach, Bowser and, obviously, Mario.

The company behind the game, Nintendo has hinted that there will be more additions to the game. Some characters are going to make their debut as well.

Lastly, the game is a fun way to enjoy with your friends and family. It is enjoyable and friendly. Adept for all ages, it does not disappoint a child or an adult. It may be concluded that the game might not be a super duper hit among children, but will do well, without a doubt!

All the Mario games in the past have been delightful with their share of uniqueness and added features.

This one too, surely, is not an exception. A high on drama game, you might get addicted to this one.

The game is exclusively launched on Wii U.


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