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It’s been a long wait for the highly anticipated sequel of Naughty Dog’s universally acclaimed ‘The Last of Us’, and it’s time to get excited now. With PS4’s production lifecycle entering its final stages, the timing of this release does make one wonder if The Last of Us 2 might be the perfect farewell for this generation’s highest selling console, providing one more testament to its success. But more than anything else, it feels good to get back into the violent yet insightful world of The Last of Us series.

ESRB Rating of M
Yeah, it’s no surprise that The Last of Us 2 has been rated M. But this time around, the rating M includes ‘usage of drugs’, ‘nudity’ and ‘sexual content’. From the trailers released by Naughty Dog over the past two years, we see Ellie and her love interest Dina smoking a blunt together.

The Last of Us was an incredibly mature game, which dealt with themes like grief and personal sacrifices. With nudity and sexual content added, the sequel’s plot could involve a ‘coming of age’ theme to it. Ellie is all grown up, and taking into account the tragic circumstances she was raised, it’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for Ellie, and how she reacts to a personal tragedy that’s intimate in nature.

A clear focus on violence
It’s been 2 years since Naughty Dog announced the sequel, and the developers have released a few trailers and gameplay walkthroughs. Though the amount of content Naught Dog has shared is sparse, a closer look at them would give away hints at what to expect from a story and gameplay perspective.
From the trailers, we know that Dina is Ellie’s love interest and she gets captured by the opposing human faction. It’s also strongly suggested that Dina dies at the hands of the enemy, and Ellie is out of hardcore, brutal revenge. While the first game was violent, we did see Joel achieving a sense of personal peace when rescuing Ellie. But can we expect a similar ending with Ellie?
The gameplay walkthroughs gives a peek at the graphically violent scenes we can expect from the sequel – face stabbing, disembowelment, face smashing, etc. But this is what differentiates The Last of Us games with the others. violence in The Last of Us series is not something of a glorious visual spectacle. Instead, in the first game, violence had a meaning attached to it and most of it was related to grief itself. For this sequel, Naughty Dog has mentioned that the game would use extreme gut wrenching violence, but we can expect an inner meaning beneath it.

Gameplay improvements
From the gameplay videos Naughty Dog released last year, we can spot a few improvements in the overall gameplay mechanics. Ellie looks more agile than Joel in the first part. The AI NPCs have also improved, with Naughty Dog claiming that the new AI NPCs would help out in missions better than the first part’s NPCs. Enemies are tougher and smarter as well, which means the gameplay would be more frantic and intense. New enemies include scent sniffing hounds and a new type of Shackler.

The Last of Us 2 is one of the highly anticipated games this year (if not, for the past two years!). With the release date set for May 29, 2020; PS4 is getting a solid testament to it’s impressive run and Naughty Dog’s latest release can be considered one of the final blockbuster titles. We’ve been teased about and we’re prepared for this release, so the wait is finally almost over! Let’s hope The Last of Us 2 continues the soul searching, deeply emotive experience it’s predecessor pioneered.

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