Video game developers are remastering their last-gen games for the latest consoles and they generally create a lot of hype around the new launches. Activision, on the other hand, has launched a brace of games remastered for Xbox One and PS4, but hasn?t made the slightest bit of noise in the market. The games in question, Prototype, which was launched in 2009 and its sequel Prototype 2 from 2012 have a fairly satisfactory amount of DLC as well as pre-order content.

Both Prototype and Prototype 2, developed by Radical Entertainment, received fairly good reviews when they were first launched. In fact, they were pretty good as far as action-adventure open world games go, and the first game sold more than two million copies all over the world. However, Prototype 2 didn?t do as well as expected as a result of which Activision decided to shut down the developer and let go most of its employees.

The games were fairly similar to Sucker Punch?s ?Infamous? series released for Sony, but they still managed to do fairly well in the market, all things considered. Of course, Infamous did far better in the long run, as everyone knows, and it?s even been very successful as a next-gen game.

The brand new bundle includes Prototype 1 and 2 and costs $49.99, but will be available separately after 11 August for some reason that the developer hasn?t elaborated upon. It?s a great buy because the games were really good to begin with, but are far better now that they can be played on next-gen consoles with their improved framerates, better special effects and considerably higher resolution.

However, it doesn?t seem that the developer has added any new features to the game apart from making it look better than before. This is turning out to be a major issue with a whole lot of HD remasters, which haven?t had more than cosmetic changes when players are expecting major overhauls with plenty of new goodies.

It?s really surprising that Activision hasn?t taken any trouble at all to promote the new games, even if Prototype franchise wasn?t the huge success that it was hoping to be. I mean, why would they even bother going through the entire trouble of remastering the games if they had no plans to promote it?

It doesn?t even take a lot of money to get people talking about a new game, but a game?s definitely going to sink out of sight if it doesn?t get promoted properly. This kind of half-baked effort is not likely to help Activision resuscitate the fortunes of Radical Entertainment. It would have been great, though, to think that the developer might consider making a brand new Prototype game.

All the same, the new bundle is a fair amount of fun and if you have the money to spare, then it is definitely worth buying. So go for it, and you?ll have a great time battling it out with mutated monsters, along with a whole lot of military hardware at your disposal.


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