Can festivities be complete without a shopping spree? This festive season among the various products ear-marked by majority of the public include gaming consoles. Interestingly, making a decision to buy a gaming console is much simpler than which brand to buy. This is because there are three top notch products in the market, which vie with each other in offering the latest and the best gaming experience to the users.

Pros and Cons of the Game Consoles

Tech savvy buyers get into the nuances of the system and analyse the merits and demerits of the game console brought out by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, while making a buying decision. Those gaming fans, not well versed with technicalities, the option open to them while choosing the console is to compare the more general features like the power consumption and the memory storage capacity. Both Xbox One and PS4 are criticised for being power guzzlers as these consume substantial power. It is seen that the power consumption of Xbox One is very high on standby mode. Hence, as for power consumption is concerned, Wii U scores above its competitors.

Memory Capacity and Enhanced Graphics

As for as the memory capacity is concerned, it is commonly believed that Sony has a better product, which is helpful in providing high resonance graphic displays. But on this front, Xbox One is being spruced up, which has helped new games get more popular due to their visuals. Users are able to see how the two products have come a long way from the days of PS3 and Xbox 360. Thereby, convincing them about the technical superiority they are achieving with their next generation consoles. Wii U is undoubtedly behind its competitors when the graphics are concerned. But the loyal Wii U users seem to be more interested in the exclusive Nintendo games more than the visual effects created.

The Game Controls

Both PS4 and Xbox One consoles are popular for headsets, which enable the users to chat with friends and share video content. Touchpad and gamepad controls offered by PS4 and Wii U have made it easier for the users to play the games and enjoy a great gaming experience. Xbox One offers the feature of motion tracking with cameras provided, however, now this comes as an additional feature and does not come as a standard feature due to its higher cost.

Offers of New Games

Users are mostly able to play the newly released blockbuster games immediately at Xbox One and PS4, though every now and then either Microsoft or Sony sign exclusive first user deals to popularise their consoles and make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. With Wii U using exclusive in-house games, all their games are exclusive to its users too.

Peers? Preference

In addition to all other factors, users opt for a console, which their associates have so as to easily share and enjoy games.

So, what?s it going to be for you? Xbox One, PlayStation or Wii U? While all have their own set of pros and cons, choosing any one will ensure that you have a great holiday this year!


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