Nintendo has interesting news for its customers just ahead of the scheduled launch of the Nintendo Switch. Niche game publisher Natsume wrote on its community forum that it would be releasing Harvest Moon 64 on the Nintendo eShop for play on the Wii U Virtual Console. This is a rare title belonging to the Nintendo 64 and players from Europe and North America have been requesting for it for a while. Harvest Moon 64 is priced at around $10, along the lines of most N64 games to be played on the virtual console.

Fans of the Harvest Moon franchise will no doubt be very happy with the news, especially since Harvest Moon 64 was not available on the Wii U when it was initially released in 2015. In fact, Hiro Maekawa, President of Natsume had said in an interview at that time that there were technical issues with the game that is part of a long running series. He admitted that his company had put in a lot of work to overcome the technical glitches in order to make the game available on the Wii U Virtual Console but that did not happen. Maekawa also pointed out that many fans had been disappointed because of this.

Natsume hasn?t released any information about what the company has done to make the game available on Wii U, and there is a great deal of speculation about it in gaming circles. Needless to say, there?s a great deal of excitement around the launch. As a matter of fact, European fans of the game franchise are thrilled to find out that Harvest Moon 64 will finally make it to their region. The game will also finally be available without any restrictions to gamers in the United States.

Unfortunately, all the excitement around the new Harvest Moon launch has highlighted the fact that there?s a lot of confusion about the future of the Virtual Console. Nintendo has contributed to the confusion by being tight lipped about the nature of services on the Switch, and more importantly, whether all the Virtual Console games already in play will carry over to it. It really doesn?t make any sense to buy games for the old console if players can?t play them on it, and Nintendo has to come up with a proper explanation if it really expects this launch to be taken seriously by the customer?s loyal fan base.

On a related note, newer editions of the Harvest Moon series are under production and they are being made by a different studio. The earlier games of this series were made by the same production house that is now working on the Story of Seasons. Both sets of games are great fun to play and they are sure to fly off the shelves when they are released.

The Harvest Moon games aren?t just plant-and-wait style games even though the game is basically about farming. There are many interesting side quests to go on while the crops are growing. As a matter of fact, the village that the game is set in is a very social place full of events around which mini-games are organized very often. There are races to be won, jobs to be done, and precious minerals to be mined. Players will no doubt find lots of activities to keep busy.

Given that Harvest Moon 64 is surely going to appeal to huge numbers of gamers, it would make sense for Nintendo to make it compatible with its new Switch console. This will help the new console get a much needed boost right when it is launched.


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