Phil Spencer, the Xbox Head was recently called for an interview by IGN. Like other sellers, he was expected to promote and sell every Xbox One that has been developed. However, something that was quite unlikely happened?

In the interview, he remarked that the new Xbox One Elite has been designed with an aim to offer different buying options to the customers in accordance with their requirements and financial situations. He mentioned that the company always makes sure to serve the interests of discerning customers who are always looking forward to buy only the best. Xbox One Elite is the best option for the players who have a craze of availing the best of Microsoft products.

About Xbox One Elite

The latest Xbox One Elite possesses 1 terabyte solid-state, hybrid hard drive and is a very sturdy specimen. Gamers can also grab the Elite controller, which is available for $150 in the markets. As far as the whole package amount is concerned, it will cost around $499.99. No doubt, it is very reasonable! What makes this Xbox distinct from others is its ability to allow gamers to boot during the standby mode. Moreover, the booting will be 20% faster than the normal ones, claims Microsoft.

Nonetheless, such amazing features have not been justified yet. In fact, it seems that the new 1TB SSHD hard drive of Xbox One Elite is not capable of better loading times. It hardly possesses anything that can speed up the game installing process and the entire operating system. To add on, Spencer has also not called out to the gamers to buy the Xbox One Elite.

In the Words of Spencer

The words of Phil Spencer astonished everyone when he said that the gamers who are happy with the Xbox consoles can opt for Xbox Elite. However, Elite was not designed to make the users switch from the set up they are using at present. He assured that Elite will be faster, but was unsure whether it will be faster enough to spend dollars on it. The little flaws that were only rumours became somewhat concrete after Spencer made such remarks.

Therefore, it?s clear that the new Xbox One Elite is not targeted towards gamers who are already using the Xbox console. It is directed to the ones who are yet to buy Xbox One. Of course, the diehard fans who always wish to avail everything what Xbox offers can upgrade to Elite anytime they wish.


The best piece of advice for all the Xbox One users is to simply invest in an external SSD drive, which can be easily plugged into the console through a USB port. For the ones who want the Elite controller, they can buy it for only $150. Alternatively, they can also wait for the prices to drop and then invest in one. The statements by Phil Spencer are worth applauding as he did not try to misguide gamers and insist them to buy the new Xbox One Elite.


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