There have been quite a few mmorpg games released for 2015 making another good year for gaming possibilities. Some new features include enhanced graphics, more realistic environments and broader playing options.

Survive the Nights

While single-player zombie annihilation games are still popular, Survive the Nights strives to be more of a challenge. Most encourage the player to merely rack up points by hunting and slaughtering the droves of undead swarms. However, this game puts limits on serial killing. Player characterizations become increasingly traumatized as the death toll mounts. If kill rates climb high enough, players breakdown mentally and commit suicide. In essence, strategy is vital to survival and requires a combination of creativity and teamwork. Players also have the option of staying in one fortified location or roam in search of supplies.


Landmark is for the imaginative and creative at heart. Entry into the game requires the purchase of a settler’s pack, an explorer’s pack or a trailblazer’s pack. Players then stake a claim, amass resources and begin building. Change landscape features, build homes, fortresses or other structures. As play progresses, individuals gain the ability to make advanced tools, which enhances and hastens the building process. If judged worthy, unique creations can also be sold for real money to other players in a type of marketplace. The game can be played singly or by combining efforts with other players. Maintaining a space requires paying weekly rent on the land by mining copper or using real cash.

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer offers hardcore action for the combat minded plus adds traveling and quests. Playing the game requires an initial fee from a choice of six progressive packets. The lowest level gamers assume the role of Orks. Higher levels provide the additional options of being a space marine, Eldar or a Chaos Space Marine in addition to getting bonus points and badges. Assuming the role of soldier, players navigate about the landscape killing other characters that are controlled by other players in one of the most densely populated battlefields every created.

Shroud of the Avatar

The unique feature of this game allows players to purchase the game and play singly offline, play online alone, with friends or in an open environment joined by other players. Characters advance by skill and level creating their own version of a medieval reality while gaining experience and enhanced tools. Instead of canned communication, the game also features interaction between players via text messaged conversations. Gameplay combines sandbox creativity with exploration, combat and the need to make moral decisions.

Black Desert

Besides having amazingly realistic-lookng characters, landscape and structures, the game also includes dynamic weather features ranging from fog and rain to full-on typhoons that affect play. Day and night cycles alternate every four hours. During night hours, the NPCs venture safely indoors while the number of monsters increases, which makes travel more challenging. Though housing begins with a rudimentary tent, players eventually have the option of purchasing, furnishing and decorating more traditional homes in addition to buying and trading supplies. Structures can also be converted into typical medieval businesses. Horses provide transportation. Combat encounters range from one-on-one battles to multiplayer sieges. Fighters, sorcerers, beasts and tamers comprise the variety of characters that each have different abilities.


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