In all the hoopla surrounding Ubisoft?s Assassin?s Creed Syndicate, industry watchers noticed an important fact, which was that the game would only be catering to new-gen consoles.

In fact, Ubisoft has announced that it will not be making games for Xbox 360 or PS3 as a rule. The sole exception to this will be the popular Just Dance series.

This spells bad news for people who have last-gen consoles because all of this company?s forthcoming releases from popular series such as Watch Dogs, Far Cry and Assassin?s Creed will only be on XboxOne and PS4 in addition to PCs.

It is hard to say why Ubisoft has made such a decision since last-gen consoles are still very much in use.

As a matter of fact, there are millions of last-gen consoles in play right now and it seems unlikely that their owners are going to junk them for the latest versions.

Even if we don?t know exactly how many there are, it seems that Ubisoft has made quite a risky move.

The decision has probably been made with an eye to use up-to-date technology and junk older versions. Even if the developers face short term problems on account of this move, this route is clearly where the gaming industry will eventually head to later, if not sooner.

It makes a lot of sense for companies to abandon the older consoles because their capabilities simply cannot keep up pace with the developments in game design.

Even a company such as Bungie, which has been faithful to last-gen consoles, may eventually make the transition because this will impact the quality of games that they make.

Destiny, for instance, is an excellent game that could nevertheless have been much more interesting if it had been designed solely for the new game consoles.

Industry experts are quite certain that Destiny 2, which is under wraps at the moment, will also abandon Xbox 360 and PS3.

It goes without saying that some companies will take much longer than others for various reasons. It seems likely that the hugely successful Call of Duty series will be released on multiple platforms for as long as possible even if it eventually is restricted to new-gen consoles.

Ubisoft is in the best position to make the transition because of the nature of the games it creates with their enormous open worlds that feature wide open vistas.

At the same time, the games also feature excellent graphics that go into considerable detail. This developer also prefers to offer experiences that are very cinematic in nature.

It?s quite likely that this developer has also made a calculated guess regarding customer preferences. Even if people claim to be nostalgic for old games, the majority of customers prefer to have new and enhanced experiences, which only the latest games can enjoy.

The next-gen consoles are without doubt very costly, but people will trade up for them when they realise that they do offer the best gaming experience.

Ubisoft will be way ahead of its competitors by then thanks to its head start ? a very smart move indeed!


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