If you are the type of slot player who doesn’t put into play any type of strategy when playing slots online, then the following slot playing guide may not be of interest to you! However, if you are the type of player who likes to increase your chances of winning or is looking for ways to get the maximum playing value out of your slot playing sessions, then read on!

Below you will find a range of different slot playing tips which, if everything goes as planned when you next have a slot playing session and put the following hints and playing tips into live play, could see you winning a little more often.

All of the differently structured NetEnt designed slot games which you will come across online are of course random, and as such unlike when you play UK Fruit Machines, there is no way that you can force any of their slots to payout!

However, by putting into play a sensible staking plan based on the design of the slot and making use of bonuses and comps and also taking a note of some of the following slot playing tips, you may just find you have slightly more winning session than losing one?s!

Best Way to Play NetEnt Slot Games

Please make a note of each of the NetEnt slot playing tips mentioned and reviewed below. If you do have a winning slot playing session then always try and cash out some if not all of your winnings, as it can be too easy to keep on playing when you feel invisible and that is when you will run the risk of losing back your winnings if you keep on playing after a large slot payout!

Increase Your Bankroll ? You should always try and increase your starting bankroll when playing NetEnt slots, and to do that we would suggest you Claim the Ladbrokes Bonus Code which we have on offer, or if you prefer claim the Deposit Match Bonus Code at Bet365 Casino. Both of those casino sites have lots of different slot games on offer and those bonuses on offer will instantly increase your slot playing bankroll before out start to play!

Pick High RTP Slots ?? You are only going to get the best value when you play slot games online when you play slot games that have been set to return a much higher amount of the stakes played off on those slot as winning payouts.

Therefore you should spend as much time as is needed looking at which slot games are available at any online casino site you are going to be playing at and then find out just how high the payout percentages are on each of those available slot games.

Each of our slot game reviews of which you will find hundreds of them available on this website, have the exact long term expected payout percentage each slot reviewed has on offer, and as such do check through each of those reviews to allow you to get together a shortlist of very high paying slots to play online.

Slots with Bonus Symbols ? If you like playing bonus game awarding slots, but find yourself playing a slot on which a set of bonus symbols have to line up on an activated payline to award you with that slot games bonus feature then you must play that slot in one way only.

The way to play these types of slots is to activate every single payline on offer, for by doing so you will instantly increase your chances of triggering the bonus game., Playing fewer than the maximum number of paylines on these types of slots will reduce the chance of you being awarded with those bonus games, so keep that in mind!

Staking Each Spin ? You can often get carried away playing slot games online for as you do not have the physical cash in your bankroll sat in front of you when playing slots online you may lose sense of reality!

However, when you do decide to make a deposit into any online casino site you should always stake your slot spins in accordance with how much cash you have available in your casino account balance. If you are playing any slot game offering some form of bonus game, then the best way to stake each spin is by diving up your bankroll by 100 or 150.

Then use the unit stake you have arrived at by dividing up your starting slot playing bankroll by 100 or 150 to play each spin of the slot games you are attracted to playing. By playing off at least that number of spins on any bonus game awarding slot you will have a very fair and reasonable chance of triggering that games bonus rounds.

Progressive Slot Game Jackpots ? You should keep in mind that if you do intend to play a slot game which has one or more progressive jackpots on offer that those jackpots are going to be awarded to players in a certain way.

You are often forced to have to play a progressive jackpot slot game for a maximum stake or with all of the paylines live and in play to have the chance of spinning in the jackpot awarding winning combination. So our first tip of playing these types of slots is for you to always look at the pay tables and game play rules to ensure you know how to play and stake each spin to always have the progressive jackpot element of the game in live play.

However, you will find that a progressive slot is much more likely to payout its jackpot if the jackpot amount is way higher than the average amount it tends to payout. With that in mind if you do ever fancy trying your chances on a progressive slot game then always stick to playing those on which the jackpot is much higher than the amount that slot usually payouts out via its jackpot on average.


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