If you?ve been playing video games since the late 90s, then you?d definitely have noticed how far the games of today have come from their predecessors.

While the newer generation games are slick and fast, there?s a lot to be said for the nostalgia trip that you go on when you play one of the older games.

Take the example of Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater HD, which has been remade in 2012 to attract an entirely younger clientele.

The game, from Robomodo, has been re-released by Activision for Xbox, PlayStation and Steam.

The game has seven levels, having been made from parts 1 and 2 of Tony Hawk. The makers have not altered the gameplay for some reason and this can definitely be a sticking point for some players.

There?s no doubt that the original gameplay was quite smooth, and the remake is pretty good from that point of view, but a person who has been playing only the modern video games may not like it at all because of its old fashioned feel that is almost a decade old.

Even so, the game has plenty of tricks and moves that will keep the players busy.

The graphics have been updated very well and the game has an excellent look. The update has obviously been made with a great deal of care because there are many small details that make it a highly enjoyable game to play and you?ll keep on watching out for something new.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing lacking in the new game from this point of view. However, one thing that is new is a map that shows the location of all the collectibles; this is something that players will definitely love to use because it helps them climb different levels much quicker than before.

The game also has very tough objectives known as Projectives that take up the playing experience by a few notches.

The makers of the game have changed the sound track in order to keep with current tastes, and this is a major miss from the point of view of nostalgia buffs for whom the music is a very important part of the game.

For those who were worried that Superman is missing from the soundtrack, this song has definitely been included in the new version.

The game doesn?t have split-screen play and you will definitely feel the lack of it when you begin playing.

The new version hasn?t taken all the elements of the original one and it isn?t a faithful copy.

If you are expecting the inclusion of skaters such as Bucky Lasek and even Chad Muska, then you will be sorely disappointed.

Another serious miss is the absence of unlockable levels.

The game is priced at a relatively steep $15, but most people are quite happy to pay that money for a slice of nostalgia that comes with better graphics and more excitement.

You?ll even forgive the makers of a few glitches that you?ll find here and there in the game!


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