An Overview of Thor Slot

Thor slot is remarkable video games featuring one of the courageous Might Avenger. It is a superb quality slot game that can be played in 30 pay-lines. This is an video game amusement that brings you to the adventure of Thor to the Asgard land seeking fortunes to the 9 worlds which are occupied by the antagonists Heimdall, Frost giants, and Laufey. ?Bonuses are also featured that allows you to win more coins and big prizes.

There are three modes in this Thor slot games. The first mode is the Asgard which is the base game. The wild symbols on this mode appear on 2, 4 reels. Once the wild symbol appears on the second reel the re-spin feature will be activated and allows you to have a bonus spin. On this mode the reel is frozen thus awarding you one spin. The second and the third mode of this game can be accessed on its spectacular feature of Rainbow Bridge.

The stacked wilds are features the Lightning Free spin in the 4th reel. This award is more lucrative compared to the Re-spin in Thunderstorm where it gives you 4 to 5 wilds and enabling you to win bigger prizes. The jackpot prize can be won from Rainbow Bridge which can be activated in the middle or in the third reel showing the Heimdall symbols. The other two modes can be played on its unique feature reel where you are allowed to select between the two orbs where it awards you free games called Jutenheim. This award gets you unlimited spins for free and allowing you to win more combinations once the symbol of Thor appeared on reel 3. Additional wild symbol is the Laufrey freezing the winning combinations when the Thor symbols appear in middle reel. It waits until the next free spin and has a chance of additional rewards and bigger winning total.

Another free game is the Earth which features another unlimited spins for free until Heimdal symbols appeared at middle reel and this triggers the features of the Rainbow Bridge. The symbol appearing in reel five is The Destroyer that blows fire. The symbols that will be caught by the fire will burn a maximum of 4 spins with 2 multipliers. This will bring you more winnings because the fire blew by The Destroyer takes spin after spin.

Thor slot has become trendy among the slot lovers because aside from having the excitement with its adventures you are also exhilarated by the winnings that you can get from it. It features the most well known protagonist from the Marvel series that can be played by all ages. The free spins featured which are infinite make it possible for you to win over 120 times or more of your stake.? It has a beautiful graphics as well as animations that make this slot game more enjoyable to play. You can really have so much fun playing this Thor Slot game and have the chance of winning successive prizes with its unlimited Free Spin bonuses.


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