Amazon, the highest selling online store has come up with something amazing for the people.

Until date, it was known only for its widest range of products in jewellery, apparels, handbags, sports and fitness, and other electronic gadgets.

However, it has today stolen the attention of millions of people with its new game, Monument Valley.

The Amazon app store is one such application that every Android user needs to download.

This game is a major reward in Amazon app giveaway, which has the add-on, Ida?s Dream. The online store has also put $50 worth of other Android apps on sale to entice its customers.

The Various Apps of Amazon

Once you have installed the Amazon app store for Android, you will land among the sea of some incredible apps.

The variety includes Monkey Racing, Simply Yoga, TinyCam Monitor Pro for IP Cam, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, Deep Under the Sky, Mirroring360-AirPlay Receiver, Fantastic 4 in a Row 2, Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips and Quell: Memento to name a few.

You can also browse through the app store to glance through the other available apps.

Note that Amazon comes up with an array of paid games and apps on sale every few months.

The aim behind the introduction of the newest apps is to attract people to its alternative Amazon app store and invest in the ecosystem.

These apps and games captivate the attention of existing customers and the potential ones, who in turn, get allured to the online store?s products too.

The company has already set its benchmark in the online world, but the introduction of these applications adds stars and gives it an edge over the other competitors.

About Monument Valley

In this fascinating game, a player will get an opportunity to manipulate tough architectures and guide a beautiful silent princess through an enthralling world.

Monument Valley is a dreamlike survey of a world that is full of impossible geometry and whimsical architectures.

You will have absolute fun while guiding the silent princess named Ida through secretive monuments, unfolding optical illusions and outfoxing the mysterious Crow people.

All this is available for just $3.99. Isn?t it simply amazing?

Without a doubt, once you will play this game, you will be surprised by its serenity, exclusiveness, unparalleled graphics and good quality of sound effects.

It has been tailored to perfection keeping in mind the gaming expectation of the people across the globe.

In fact, you can also avail Ida?s Dream now. The eight latest chapters of illusion and adventure of Forgotten Shores, is now available as a separate purchase. It will cost you $1.99 only, but it?s noteworthy due to its challenging and impressive appearance.


If you have not installed the app yet, then it is the right time to do so.

Keep yourself updated with the company?s new app that launches every other day and remain engaged throughout the day.

For now, the lovely silent princess is waiting for you to guide her across the monument in Monument Valley.


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