Apple had made its position clear in the huge debate concerning the widespread prevalence of the Confederate Flag even though this flag has a great many negative connotations.

The flag was always disliked by many people, especially those of colour, since it was associated with the practice of slavery in the southern states that seceded from the Union in order to keep practicing slavery.

In fact, their defeat in the war leading to the abolishment of slavery throughout the United States did not reduce their support for slavery.

The issue has now blown up very much since Dylann Roof, the accused in the Charleston shooting case was seen in many photographs holding the flag, indicating very clearly where his sympathies lay.

The public outrage regarding the incident has now coloured how most people view the flag, which has also been flown from the state Capitol of the South Carolina capital, Columbus.

Companies across various industries have now been distancing themselves from this flag for obvious reasons.

Besides, there is the chance of losing business if the flag is clearly visible on the product since it no longer has a positive or desirable image.

As a matter of fact, companies both large and small are pulling their products from the shelves if the packaging or content features it.

For instance, tee shirts and toys commonly have this flag and these companies are scrambling to pull these products.

Giant retailers such as Amazon, Sears and Wal-Mart have put their weight behind this campaign by removing each and every product that has the flag that is so closely associated with the horrors of slavery.

Apple is one of the newest large entrants in the battle to distance itself from products that have the reviled Bonnie Blue Flag under which Confederate soldiers fought their brothers from the north to keep slavery going without interruption.

The company has pulled many video games from the App Store because they feature this flag, which is without doubt a symbol of racism, in an offensive manner.

Some of these games have been taken back by the App Store after the images in question have been dropped.

Apps that have historical or educational content and use the flag in a positive manner will not be required by Apple to remove the flag.

The History Channel?s, The Civil War was not required to make any changes.

Game-Labs, the company behind Ultimate General: Gettysburg released a press note announcing the fact that their game was no longer available on App Store because it uses the Confederate Flag.

However, the company was not interested in backing down by removing the flag from its game because this goes against its stated desire to depict historical events in their entirety.

Hunted Cow, a Scotland-based video game developer, has had four games removed from the App Store.

The games, Civil War 1862, Civil War 1863, Civil War 1864 and Civil War Gettysburg will be reworked to include an earlier Confederate flag so that Apple will feature them again soon!


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