Nintendo has come up with Mario Kart 8, a fun kart racing game that has added stars to the gaming world.

Although it does not include any dash of thrill and risk, it possesses some of the unique aspects unlike other games.

Amazing sense of speed, twisting U-turns and outstandingly creative track designs makes Mario Kart 8 special.

In fact, it is believed to be the king of mascot kart circuit. Here?s an insight in to what you can expect from this brilliant game!

Some Remarkable Features of Mario Kart 8

Creative Track Design

No doubt, the creative track design of Mario Kart 8 is worth applauding.

Some tracks are based on amazing old-fashioned kart racing skills like Donut Plains 3, while some tracks are full of effects like in Wario Stadium.

The game has been tailored with amazing layout of boost pads and item boxes that render a huge room of opportunities.

You may come across some deceptive shortcuts too, which is sure to make your game even more exciting and interesting

Various Characters

The fans of Mario have a wide option of mascots to choose from.

The assortment includes Koopa kids and others.

The smaller racers that appear too similar to big sister or brother fellows and the overload of the babies make it entirely a unique game.

The list of characters is huge, but introduction of some murky characters like Nabbit and Dry Bones has made it even more captivating.

Options to Play

In this game, you will have an array of playing options.

You will come across single and two player split-screen races that unfold at 60 frames per second. Certainly, no other game has ever had that.

When it comes to the races, three and four player local races halved the frame rate to 30 fps.

However, the loss is acceptable after considering the positive features of the game. The gamers are captivated by the incredible graphics created by Nintendo.

Every kart combination and racer has been designed to perfection. No flaws, no complaints!

Online Mode

The online version of Mario Kart 8 can support up to 12 players. It is very easy to set up tournaments, participate in different races and even upload videos on YouTube.

The chat option is restricted to lobbies with friends only. Unfortunately, you do not have any option to send an invite to the friends, but it does not provide any notifications of messages. It may be disappointing for some, but you can coordinate with friends through outside means.

Any Drawbacks or Complaints?

While overall, Mario Kart 8 offers an amazing gaming experience, there are a few drawbacks.

The drawbacks of the game include the game pad that always mirrors what is on television in place of splitting players into separate screens.

The new tracks that have been replaced are not that captivating, in fact, not even close to the standard tracks. It adds three balloons to the standard races. Otherwise, the game is perfect!

All Mario lovers out there, who have still not tried this game, must do so now. It is definitely going to add that flavour of excitement and thrill to your gaming experience!


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