It is really hard for a video game to stand out by itself when it is part of a very popular series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) definitely faces this problem because people approach it with a great deal of expectation.

Thankfully, Rockstar Games has definitely gone through a great deal of care to ensure that the game has an excellent game environment.

It is pretty clear to see that developers have put in plenty of effort to render the setting of Los Santos with a lot of accuracy and realism, making GTA 5 a delight to play from this point of view.

Where GTA 5 differs dramatically from the other Grand Theft Auto games is in its protagonists.

If you were hoping to find the anti-heroes of the previous games in this one then you would be sorely disappointed.

The characters here are pretty simple, almost to the point of being two-dimensional, and they haven?t really gone through a lot of trouble to flesh out the characters.

I feel the game could have been a lot better if the developers had worked on this and avoided using quite as many stereotypes as they have.

The main characters do have an appetite for violence and cruelty, but that?s only to be expected from Grand Theft Auto games.

I did think that the lack of a proper narrative got in the way of my enjoying the game.

The game has quite a few interesting heists and they are set-piece missions. You have to choose a particular approach after which you can complete a number of set-up tasks before starting on the job eventually.

You will really enjoy completing these missions. One interesting thing I noticed was that some of the in-game actions I took part in actually reflected in the conversation later on.

I feel that this reflects the developer?s attention to detail. The sound track of the video game is also excellent and it goes very well with the vibe of the video game.

One of the things I didn?t like about the video game was that it had too many fillers. I could have done with less driving around pointlessly and fewer conversations.

I also felt that there were too many gratuitous gunfights in the game and it felt like they were placed there just to kill time.

I was happy to see that GTA 5 ran at a very decent 50-60 fps even when settings were set on high. However, I noticed that there were quite a few texture errors when in multiplayer mode and it even crashed once or twice.

Overall, I was quite okay with the few glitches and irritations that came with the game because it offered so much more than I expected.

There is so much to see and experience in this video game that I had a great time exploring it all, even stepping off the main trail quite a few times to see everything there.

This is one game I will definitely be recommending to others!


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