Resident Evil: Revelations 2, an episodic survival horror video game holds moments of inspiration and thrill for the audience.

However, it has not added much to the series, but has gained attention of thousands of people. The smooth blend of compelling mystery and adventurous game play has given this episode an edge over the other existing ones.

The action and adventure of this horror game is augmented by Capcom?s horror and the unique raid mode.

Outline of Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Revelations 2 has four episodes, all of which have exclusive pair of characters and travel between two timelines.

It is sure to keep you hooked due to its mystery and adventure. The story revolves around charming Clair Redfield and Moira Burton.

These two are the most unlikely friends and are driven together by an evil overseer. The evil has kept them in captive for unknown reasons.

Later, Resident Evil fan, Barry Burton comes back in the picture in the second timeline with the company of a newcomer, Natalia. The memory of this little girl harbours secrets that are half remembered.

Unique Features of the Horror Game

The most fascinating fact about the game is that each episode has been produced with brains and brawn.

Right skills, effects and features have been instilled to keep the interest of the players intact. Each episode manages to retain the excitement and compel the players to go on to the next one.

The four-episode structure of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has a humour in its characters that keeps the players refreshed.

The characters in this horror episode have some special kind of powers. For instance, Natalia has the power to detect weak points of the enemies and crawl through little spaces where Barry is not able to fit.

Likewise, Moira can blind the enemies with her flashlight and hunt the hidden objects for Claire.

Other than this, the game has some outstanding moments where you can switch between two characters on the fly.

If you are playing in split-screen, then you can experience the shrieking instructions also.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2-Episode 3

This episode is talked about a lot due to its thrilling moments of Claire and Moira working together against the clock in order to escape an enemy filled construction.

Here, Moira is unable to confront the huge enemies so, she has to be switched to Claire or make a run from that building.

The unimaginative enemies that roam around throughout the episode make it very adventurous. Barry and Natalia are also seen moving a box from one end of a level to another. The giant box is known to be the ?power source? and renders a nice break from the usual gunning and running.

The bottom line is that the pulpy story of Revelations 2 has been tailored brilliantly. The amazing raid mode is perfect to balance out the monotonous ambience and overused enemies.

If you have not experienced the episodes until now, then you are really missing out on something great!


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