Increasing popularity of electronic games has led to the development of popular games with various superhero characters.

Marvel Contest of Champions

This has resulted in print world characters popularised by Marvel and DC appearing in gaming consoles, much to the delight of their fans.

The online games arena is now dominated by the presence of the superheroes in App stores with more and more individuals taking up to gaming not only on their computers and consoles, but also on their mobile phones.

A Marvellous Response to Competition

Games like Injustice-God among us, has not been able to enjoy huge support and fan following, but interestingly has inspired rival games? giants to come up with tantalising games versions, which are all set to rock the gaming world.

Marvel: Contest of Champions has all the ingredients of succeeding in the high profile world of games with its simplicity and ease of use.

With a right proportion of elements for the action, fighting games is a favourite of all and Marvel: Contest of Champions has been developed and offered to cater to the needs of the fans.

Contest of Champions Turning to Winning Ways

As winning contest of champions depends on progressing to the higher levels of play, players are required in the Contest of Champions to be assertive in their choices in making the right decisions in selection of characters and combinations.

In a few games, while players have the option of buying their favourite characters, here, at the Contest of Champions, it is like most Japanese models, where characters are generated by the system.

Players also got to be circumspect in pitting the characters against the right ?enemies? to gain the maximum mileage.

The Tougher Side of the Game

To make it more interesting and tougher at higher levels, in the Contest of Champions, gaming resources are reduced substantially for the players.

Another common grudge of players about the Contest of Champions is the need for net connectivity to play the games.

This acts as a hamper to players who are not in a position to get quality net connectivity from all places.

The last criticism about the game is the multiplayer option provided for the game.

Expert players do not accept what has been provided as truly an instance of multiplayer game, but merely see it as being pitted against adaptation of characters of other players.

The Scintillating Champions Contest

This highly sophisticated model of the game stands out for its features like animation and dazzling sound effects, which keep the players glued to the game.

However, critics do not fail to note that the voice-over provided in the Contest of Champions come second best to the game of Injustice, where the voices have been dubbed by professional artists.

It is an admitted fact too that the Contest of Champions is a winner against the game of Injustice, on the mobile platform.

Thus, the Contest of Champions practically has everything that fans of Injustice have been craving for, though it has fallen short on providing a better fighting experience.


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