The electronics major, Sony, has launched a PlayStation version of its racing title DriveClub on 24 June 2015.

The version went live eight months after its original launch date. Available in an off-line mode, the player will have the option to create their own races in 13 tracks in India, one of six locations of the game.

15 cars will be made available to the player in his garage, along with an entire set of trophies.

Let?s take a look at some of DriveClub?s features and wants in store for the PlayStation enthusiasts out there.

The Full Version

Cheshire-based, Evolution Studios developed the full version of the game. It was launched on PlayStation4 in October 2014, along with a complimentary version for Sony?s subscribers.

However, given the extensiveness of its online constituents, server stability had to be given top importance.

Hence, the free version of the game was put on the back-burner for an indefinite period of time and emphasis was laid on launching the paid version.

An Exercise of Caution

Laying stress on a high level of caution for the perfect release of the game, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, mentioned on the company?s official blog that following a series of unexpected problems, a considerable duration of time was expended for launching the game.

The company did not want to take any chances and wanted to ensure an all-round and holistic gaming experience for its gamers.

The exercise of caution also arises from the existence of the online constituents. Subscribers with a Plus subscription service will be in a position to download the game and enjoy the gaming experience in an off-line mode.

However, the heavy rush by players will result in a heavy rush on Sony servers and it may become difficult to cater to the vast demand of the players.

Yoshida reiterated that the company was exercising extra precautions for enhancing the gaming experience of the players when they get online.

An Emphasis on Social Engagement

The game lays stress on social engagement unlike other racing games like Gran Turismo. Teams are formed by players to bask in the collective glory of their mates.

An individual team member provides his contribution to the overall success of the club.

This, in turn, leads to an all-round improvement in the group?s image. Even when a single member is playing, their individual efforts form a part of a log and are stored as a part of a collective.

The Exceeding of Expectations

Sony has exceeded its expectations through a smooth management of the gaming fundamentals even though a large amount of data is generated.

Severe connectivity issues arise for a DriveClub game in a multiplayer format. There are an ever-increasing number of connections of a social nature spread across multiplayer levels, different clubs with a large number of activity feeds and dynamic motherboards.

It needs to be noted that the retail version of DriveClub is not the full edition of the game. Though the game in its retail format will possess all the essential gaming features and other connected assortments, it will provide the players with the choice of a restricted number of cars and tracks.

However, this is in total contrast to the other free titles offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers every month!


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