When Xbox One was presented to the world by Microsoft for the very first time, the presentation posed a few questions rather than giving some answers.

Among the many questions asked, one of the questions, which was never explained appropriately, was about the vague ‘power of the cloud’ that everyone had doubts about.

The company presented a splendid statistic in which they have quoted that over 3,000,000 server capacity is up and running which is for Xbox One.

It can facilitate the heavy traffic, which doesn’t require immediate feedback.

Matt Booty, who is the general manager of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms was interviewed by Ars Technica where he said that details like lighting would get benefitted by the power of cloud.

If you notice keenly, cloud computing is nothing, but naming the server-side calculations differently.

Usually all the work is done by the local Xbox One. But, in this, the code and calculations are redirected to the servers by Microsoft’s Azure Network.

However, in paper a powerful PC server could do more wonders than your local Xbox One.

To break this down for those who are not technically sound, it is nothing, but a small level factory creating complex widget, which is not required right now.

Then, the small factory would ship this work to a more powerful bigger factory, which then is shipped backed to the small factory for final touches.

Although, this process sounds elaborate, all this takes only milliseconds to occur.

Microsoft is confident about its cloud with its Azure network.

Post GDC 2015, according to the paper, Microsoft has data farms in 27 data centres across the world.

Technically, with this facility, it should be an amazing benefit for the game developers who can create something unique and something, which cannot be created for the PlayStation 4, or anything equivalent.

Although the statistics is very impressive only a few games have used the power of cloud in fewer ways, but would definitely make the gamers sit up and take a closer look.

Some of the games include the following

  • Foreza Horizons 2
  • Forza 5
  • Titanfall
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Forza Horizons 2

Although these games use the tag of Xbox One’s power of cloud, there has not been any visual enhancement of games, which appeal to the average gamer.

The cloud has only improved connectivity, run Al routines, and host multiplayer matches. But these are not very exclusive and can be dated since 1990s.

Is there any concrete reason that cloud is here to stay and enhance the game?

Honestly, no!

In fact, when they launched, Microsoft had a bumpy start with the Xbox. There is nothing, which is unique to what their competitors have to offer.

Unless, the developers can see something more on what Microsoft has to offer, the cloud will be only considered lesser.

The Kinect is gone, and it is high time that Xbox One add something, which will differentiate itself from the other popular consoles out there.


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