Apple is known for making every small upgrade in to a huge announcement.

But, off-late they have made numerous changes to the features of mobile applications in the iTunes App Store in May and that too, under the radar!

The store now organises the applications to cater to the individual interest of the mobile game developers. Before this update, the developers had a hope of displaying their games, which are shown in the sections of trending and highlighted titles, algorithmically.

But when they came to check the list where their games used to appear, they were gone.

For instance, some of the missing lists include What’s Hot, New, and All iPhone (paid and free.)

If you?re wondering what has taken over that place, you will be surprised to know that the game subcategory pages were curated by the team of editors.

The All iPhone section was removed because it was abused by some app developers who listed the games under ‘AAAA’, ‘A’, or any other words starting with ‘A’ so that their games show up first alphabetically.

That strategy was odd in a way, and was also unclear on how many customers would download that willingly since the app name seemed kind of spammy.

But many developers believed that like how the word A appears on the top always, their games would also be at the top if they list it under them.

Even the subcategory pages such as Racing, Action, Trivia, Adventure, etc have undergone changes and now have a list, which is selected by the editors.

All the pages now possess an individual banner art, which makes the highlighting of the news games under the category better.

In each of the subcategory page, you can further browse through detailed collection, which consists of All-Time Greats, Best New Games, Pay Once & Play and Free.

The percentage of impact for the app developers is different, but some of them went ahead and complained that they have witnessed some sizeable drop in their organic downloads, which was anywhere between 30 and 90.

These numbers are based on one week?s performance. Some developers have taken it to the private forums and developers stated that once they launched, downloads are now reduced to 100 from an overwhelming 1,000.

Although there is been an issue on one side, majority of the app developers won’t have lasting or any significant impact on app downloads.

This applies to those people also who have put an extra effort for the app to be discovered in the store and also possess impeccable marketing strategies.

This change was conceived in order to discover great games instead of games, which just outnumbers the algorithm.

So, from now on developers who have just ripped the idea of a game or release scam apps will now be filtered.

The current changes were applied in mid-May and is only been witnessed by the people from the U.S. market.

It was a much needed shift from the company’s end as there are more than an astounding 1.4 million apps currently.


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