Gaming is currently in its eighth generation and while game consoles have come a very long way from their clunky origins, there are still quite a few problems with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Take-Two CEO, Staruass Zelnick, the driving force behind 2K Games and Rockstar, is of the opinion that the video game industry has not been able to utilise the entire potential of these consoles.

As a result, these consoles are not able to run most triple ?A? titles when they are at standard settings, leading to a great deal of heartburn among people who have spent a pretty penny to buy them.

Video gamers are an unforgiving lot and this is indeed a problem that has to be addressed quickly!

While PCs have been very successful at offering the latest big video games at 4K resolution, the same cannot unfortunately be said for the costly video game consoles available today.

No matter what, these consoles are unable to reach 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution, which is what users expect from them.

In the opinion of Zelnick-who certainly knows a thing or two about the subject-the problem lies not with the consoles, but with the developers who are unable to do complete justice to their features and potential.

Very simply put, these consoles are far more powerful than game developing companies originally realised.

Zelnick made these provocative comments at the 43rd Annual Technology, Media and Telecom Conference held earlier this week at New York City.

Even though his organisation has enjoyed immense success with its video games, the development teams at 2K Games and Rockstar are fired with enthusiasm to see how far they can go with the new technology offered by the eighth generation consoles.

Going by the response that their present games have received, there is no doubt that they will have blockbuster successes on their hands if they are able to take the best advantage of the latest hardware.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment had spoken along the same lines when he told the audience at the Sony Annual Investor Day conference that the latest generation consoles were designed to take maximum benefit of their hardware.

This is indeed great news for video gamers of all types, irrespective of whether they are veterans or novices, since they will now be able to expect excellent content and an overall enhanced experience.

Take-Two?s GTA V, released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, has been a stupendous success indeed.

However, it has to be admitted that this game is nothing more than the remastered version of the title that was meant for the seventh generation of consoles.

Take-Two, therefore, has a major challenge on its hands to come up with a few triple ?A? games that truly qualify to belong to the current generation of consoles.

It remains to be seen whether the teams at 2K Games and Rockstar will be able to live up to the expectations of an increasingly discerning and demanding market.


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