In their ongoing effort to offer the very best of technology to users, you must have already heard that Microsoft had scheduled the launch of the new generation Windows 10 towards the end of July 2015.

As a corollary to this, Microsoft is offering updates for its existing Xbox One users. The Company spokespersons and official releases have spoken extensively about the updates to very clearly inform users how to go about the updates as well as what to expect from it.

Only an Update

Microsoft has been very unequivocal about the Xbox One update to make the users understand in no uncertain terms that the update is solely to make the game console compatible with the latest version of Windows.

This means that users should not unnecessarily hope for getting any additional features in their gaming experience after the update.

Once the users comply with the update alert, they get the twin advantage of readying their console to receive games through streaming that is offered by Windows 10 and also to sync their console for backward compatibility of Xbox 360 titles, envisaged by Microsoft.

Gaming on Windows 10

Unlike during the release of the earlier version Windows, now in Windows 10, Microsoft has included new fervour matching the Xbox consoles.

Microsoft has envisaged users to receive the update, as and when they switch on their console.

Once downloaded, users can make their Xbox compatible to Windows 10. But in the case of users who have opted for the power saver mode, they will not get auto updates, but can opt for manual updates, so as to keep their consoles ready to receive Windows 10 benefits.

Microsoft has made it amply clear that this update is very essential to continue enjoying the video streaming of games from July end, when Windows 10 is officially launched.

Transparent Operations

As users are waiting with bated breath, for the experience they are likely to get in the latest version of Windows, Microsoft has been gearing up the users about what is in the pipeline for them post the launch of Windows 10.

The company has been sincerely sharing about the new developments right from the time of Electronics and Entertainment Expo 2015 (E3) with the users.

Other platforms like blog features and press releases have been extensively used for sounding the users about the new experience that they could look forward to after the launch of Windows 10. The list of titles which would become backwards compatible on Xbox 360 has been released by the company.

The titles, which do not come in the list as of now could be later covered under backwards compatibility, as the software team is still working on it.

The Ultimate Windows 10 Experience

The level of importance the company has given to provide the very best gaming experience on the new Windows 10 would match the efforts the company put in while releasing the Xbox console.

Ultimately, Microsoft envisages ground-breaking gaming experience to users with streaming features!


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