The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (from CD Projekt RED) patch was released to fix various bugs and increase performance optimisation, but it has to be admitted that it comes with a couple of drawbacks as well.

Why can?t life just be perfect?

Well, anyway, the game plays faster with the patch since there is a perceptible improvement in frame-rates during play. Overall, the patch gave between 30 and 40 fps, which I think is pretty good.

In fact, I did feel that the game looked slightly better overall, after I installed the 588MB file since the screen flickered a lot less afterwards.

A few quests were also changed thanks to the patch as well as significant improvements in the game?s AI.

The patch also fixed a couple of stability issues with the game. Quest mapping became slightly better and there were also fixes for some dialogue issues that got in the way of enjoying the game.

Combat balancing got better, and thankfully, so did the movements of the boats on the game. The patch also offers DLC support. In fact, the game will be available for download in 16 parts.

I have to say though, that all is not well with the patch. I thought that the game didn?t do a very good job of weaving encoded video files into the in-engine scenes.

There was a lot of stuttering in the video playback after the patch was installed and try as hard as I did, I just couldn?t overlook them. Very irritating, indeed!

In fact, I played the game a few times and went back to the default state just to make sure. Surprisingly, the playback dropped below 30fps once in a while. I did notice, however, that the patch performs better on PlayStation 4 than on XboxOne, and repeated testing gave the same results.

Texture filtering also took a small hit with the patch installed, but thankfully only during the tutorial section.

There was absolutely no difference in texture outside of this section, and I have to say that both versions offer excellent screen clarity and filtering.

Shadows have also been downgraded a bit, probably because the range of rendering has been reduced, and this can get fairly distracting especially when the shadows have been entirely left out here and there.

If you look carefully at the trees in the training grounds around the Witcher’s castle you?d probably notice a drop in image quality further in the distance.

However, most people should not have a problem with these issues as long as the game offers better performance overall, which it does!

I have no doubt that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to be an enormous success and everyone I know who have tried it felt the same.

I would recommend that you get the patch as well, even though it isn?t a huge one, because it offers far more advantages than the problems it creates.

Go ahead and get the game along with the patch; you?ll enjoy yourself tremendously!


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