Recently the developers of 13AM Games were noticed debating about independent development and Wii U. One of them remarked that the gaming world is getting into the habit of accepting that Wii U can’t run Assassin’s Creed Unity. Moreover, the other confirms in a humorous tone that nothing can run Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Features of the New Game

The developers, Dave Proctor and Alex Rushdy are the most intelligent lot to develop a fast-paced game named Runbow, which is a nine-player game. They talk about how this game can be the most interesting and unique experience for all. This nine-player game is a unique idea where all nine players can sit together and play it.

The theme and design of the game is inspired by the 1960s poster art. In addition to this, it will be enthralling to watch the most popular guest characters such as Juan Aguacate of Guacamelee, eponymous hero of Shovel Knight, CommanderVideo of the Bit.Trip series and various others. Not to forget, the colourful theme and effects complements the 2D platform of the game and is sure to captivate the attention of many across the world.

In the Words of Dave Proctor

Proctor puts forward his views and mentions that the gaming industry today focuses on giant, yearly sequels and high-budget military shooters. However, the developer believes that the games like Runbow must develop more in the market in order to make it a better gaming experience. In addition to this, he says that such games are powerful enough to make the Wii U worthwhile as the best gaming platform.

The debate has become intense with the arguments on the consoles of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Proctor and Rushdy make it clear that PS4 and Xbox One cannot be counted as the best game simply because they are able to run Assassin’s Creed Unity on them. Moreover, Wii U does not gain any negative points due to its inefficiency to run games like Unity.

The Love for Nintendo

Both Rushdy and Proctor are a great fan of Nintendo. It is clear that Runbow is Wii U exclusive game due to some specific reasons. The developers note that all the fans of Nintendo are always looking forward to something new, exclusive, fun and content rich and are hungry about platforming jumps.

To add on, Rushdie adds that almost all the console discussions often overlook the unique features that Wii U offers. Like any other consoles, Wii U also has some technical restraints. The games that these famous developers develop are not very heavy. They love tailoring 2D games that are simpler and can be easily played by all.

Indie games further believe that more money does not equal to more fun. Therefore, it becomes a little disconcerting to notice big companies producing massive games by spending hundreds and millions of dollars each year. Rushdy is simply proud to be an indie developer and he advises other developers to design simpler and more fun games. Without a doubt, he makes sense in all aspects.


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