Most gamers want to get their money’s worth from purchase of a new console, so they try to find the most enjoyable games to fill their collections. There are many games that are must-haves for such collections, and they offer gameplay, subject or graphical features that help them stand out from the rest.


In Resogun, the player sets out to rescue human beings by eliminating enemies in a cylindrical world. Inspired by games such as Defender and Super Stardust, this launch game was a surprise success for the console, and it went on to win several awards and nominations. It has since generated two DLC packs with extra game modes and a new world. As a bonus, the game is free to download for members of PlayStation Plus.

Need for Speed Rivals

The obvious rival of the Xbox Forza franchise, Need for Speed Rivals is a must-have in the Need for Speed series for PS4 owners. The long-running series proves again how essential it is to have a driving game with your console. The environmental and vehicle graphics are top-notch, and its style resembles that of earlier popular versions (including Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted) with its police chases and flashy cars.

NBA 2K15

The NBA 2K franchise is a favorite among sports fans, and the releases remain popular year after year. One of the most appreciated features of these games is the highly realistic player graphics. New features for this installment include coaching advice from Doc Rivers and a scanning system that allows players to input their own faces into the game for custom characters. There are also improvements in MyPlayer and MyCareer features such as increased virtual currency, badges and challenges.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular and successful games from one of the most popular and successful franchises. Though the game is already part of many a true gamer’s arsenal, it’s worth the purchase for those that may have been content only testing a friend’s copy. GTA V breaks from franchise tradition by following the stories of three protagonists throughout San Andreas. A highly well-received games from its era, GTA V won several prestigious awards.

Watch Dogs

A largely successful game for Ubisoft, Watch Dogs is a unique third-person action game that takes players into the life of hacker Aiden Pearce. The massive open world game is set in a fictional Chicago as the protagonist uses his hacking skill to seek revenge for the death of his sister’s child. A favorite feature of the game is the chance to interact freely with various elements of the environment by hacking and altering them even when not completing missions.

Each player will have their own opinions of the best games for their console, so it’s best to create a list based on games that already pique your interest. For many games, there are alternatives available in the genre that may offer similar entertainment.


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