Video game fans have fell in love with MMOs, or massively multiplayer online games, because they offer big and beautiful worlds while also giving you the opportunity to play with your friends. If you do not have any friends playing your favorite MMO, then you can make a new friend from the millions playing throughout the world. Social gaming is extremely popular right now, and the MMO started it all. While there are dozens of great MMOs, these are the five best of all-time.

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Almost every game created by Bioware has been a masterpiece, and that is no different for “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” The fully formed cut scenes with dialogue choices is usually not something seen in a MMO, but it is exactly what made “Star Wars: The Old Republic” so special. You had the ability to become a powerful Jedi or evil Sith and live a story that rivals the actual films. The new story lines and the ability to play with friends kept bring everyone back for years.

4. Guild Wars 2

“Guild Wars 2” become an instant hit because it removed the monthly subscription needed to play most MMOs at the time. While that idea helped build a big fan base, everyone kept coming back to play because “Guild Wars 2” was an amazing game. “Guild Wars 2” also had an interactive story line that changed based on your previous choices. These two refreshing ideas should help change the MMO genre forever.

3. EverQuest

“EverQuest” became one of the first MMOs to hit store shelves when it was released in 1999. The huge and complex 3D world in “EverQuest” was revolutionary for its time. “EverQuest” popularized the social gaming aspects of most MMOs. If you did not work together with your friends, then you were not going to get very far in “EverQuest.” Everyone had a unique set of skills, and each skill was crucial to achieving your goals. “EverQuest” became such a popular game that it spawned 20 expansions.

2. EVE Online

“EVE Online” is easily the largest massively multiplayer online game with over 7,800 distinct star systems. The game has become so large and popular that it has its own economic system. People have become so dedicated to “EVE Online” online battles have cost players thousands of dollars. There is even offline spying on members of rival factions. “EVE Online” may be little too complex for most MMO players, but it is hard to deny its impact.

1. World of Warcraft

There is no denying that “World of Warcraft” the best MMO of all-time. Blizzard is constantly adding new features and improving other aspects of the game, which has helped “World of Warcraft” remain the most popular MMO for nearly 10 years. “World of Warcraft” became so popular because everyone could easily create a character and instantly start having fun with their friends. You did not need to be a skilled video game player to enjoy “World of Warcraft.” The massive and beautiful world did not hurt either. Many have tried to topple “World of Warcraft,” but it will most likely remain at the top for several years to come.


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