2016 can rightfully be termed Annus Horribilis for a number of reasons, but we won?t go into details just now.

Besides, the year is drawing to an end within a few weeks. Slots players, however, will have to admit that they have had an absolutely great year.

The online gambling industry has been expanding at a pretty breathtaking pace, with slot games leading the charge. Game developers are pouring so much money and effort into creating new and interesting games that the latest generation of slots are nothing like their predecessors. In fact, slot games have become almost unrecognizable over the past decade or so thanks to the high quality of animation they have.

While the quality of graphics continues to improve in 2016, there have been quite a few other developments in the year.

Online gambling is becoming a lot like gaming in order to appeal to a younger generation of gamblers who have grown up playing video games. Therefore, they have to have better storylines and provide a more immersive and realistic gaming experience.

Social gaming is getting to be very popular these days. People enjoy playing slot games just for the fun of it and not necessarily to win a lot of money. These people are not particularly interested in wagering a lot of money either, and are not likely to spend hundreds of dollars on a single night even if they enjoy gambling. No doubt slot games have always been about winning money, but the latest trend is to offer exciting games on a budget. Social gaming also involves interacting with other players whilst gambling.

Mobile gaming is expanding at a very fast pace. People are increasingly preferring to gamble using their mobile phones and tablets instead of their PCs simply because mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous for all internet related uses. The latest devices have large screens and immense memory capacity which allows them to play games very quickly and smoothly. Gamers also enjoy the fact that they can use mobile phones to gamble when they are on the move. While many gaming sites have started offering mobile sites, some others that are the most business savvy have launched mobile apps because this is what mobile users tend to prefer. These mobile solutions are available for iOS and Android to suit the needs of most mobile users.

Mobile apps for free social gaming are the next big thing. There are many such apps available to choose from and each of them offers a wide range of games to try out for free. Interestingly, there are apps that cater to people of all age groups and different backgrounds.

The industry has matured tremendously. It has become large enough to support a large ecosystem of its own in which there are now many branded games. While the games themselves make up the centre of this ecosystem, it also includes online forums, social groups, and content-focused sites. This enables players to get all the information they need regarding their favourite games and to understand the trends in the industry. In fact, this means that the industry has finally gone mainstream.

What Will 2017 Bring?

The online slots industry is expected to keep expanding in the coming years as demand for it increases. The free social apps are most likely going to launch paid versions that have advanced features. Virtual Reality is expected to make an impact next year since the technology is currently being developed. There is also immense demand for skill based slots. It’s clear to see that the industry will keep on coming up with ways to delight customers.


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