Zynga?s NaturalMotion division put a rest to a great deal of speculation by announcing the launch of a sequel to its hugely popular free-to-play drag-racing game, CSR Racing.

Going by its spectacular trailer, CSR2 will be as much a success as its predecessor, which was one of Zynga?s most successful franchises.

CSR had a very simple concept, but it was a super-hit, being downloaded more than 130 million times since June 2012.

As a matter of fact, it was one of the bestselling iPhone games of that year and inevitably so, since users got to order and customise cars worth millions of dollars!

The mobile gaming industry is ballooning past all expectations and Zynga needs the new launch to be a hit since it has switched its focus to games for hand held devices including phones and tablets.

By the look of things, CSR2 will exceed expectations, and viewers do have high expectations, owing to its popular prequel!

Mobile games look increasingly like console games these days and they have excellent animation, graphics and sound effects.

NaturalMotion is known for the high quality of its games and this one will not disappoint at all thanks to its expertly rendered cars and cityscapes.

CSR2 retains all the fun bits of CSR, and users can choose between a whole lot of fancy supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin and the like.

The game cycle will be fairly short to retain the players? interest levels. The cars are even more realistic looking this time around thanks to better shading and animation.

Details about the game are still very hazy, but there are strong indications that gameplay will have quite a few changes as well.

Even though CSR is a free-to-play title, its revenue stream comes from in-game purchases. Users spend money to buy energy, which helps their car keep going.

Entrepreneur Torsten Reil, founder of NaturalMotion and head of the business spoke to the media during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that the company?s objective was to make the game as authentic and realistic as possible.

The game can run at 3.1 megapixels on an iPad 2; compare this with the 2.1 megapixels that a next-generation console video game runs on. It?s no wonder then that the market for high quality mobile games is expanding rapidly!

NaturalMotion, which was acquired by Zynga in January 2014, for a not very modest $527 million, has been pouring a lot of resources into its games and the results show.

The games development team consists of industry veterans and there is immense passion to make the games absolutely realistic.

The team goes so far as to use original car designs provided by the manufacturers themselves who are only too happy to be associated with the game.

In fact, the game is also said to feature cars that haven?t yet been launched in the market.

The game will be launched later this year in different parts of the world and will be available on iOS and Android.

The developer has opted for staggered soft launches in order to get as much feedback about the game as possible.


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