In a classic instance of your dreams going kaput in front of your eyes within a day?s time, within a day of the much awaited release of Rocksteady Studio?s Arkham Knight Games on PC, the game has been withdrawn.

For now, the hopes of the old timers who enjoy playing the games by streaming them on their PC have to be put on hold.

The Arkham Knight Franchise

The successful run of the previous three versions of Arkham Knight have made gaming enthusiasts eagerly look forward to the launch of the fourth title in the series.

Hence, when Batman Arkham Knight game was released on 23 June, fans enthusiastically got their copies without wasting any time.

It, however, did not take long for the die-hard gaming fans to realise that the game was malfunctioning, much to their disappointment.

Fans who were well equipped with advanced systems were the first ones to suspect that the game was not running as smoothly as it should, when they tried out the newly released version of the game.

PC Incompatibility

Players were naturally forgiving at the first signs of disturbances when they started playing their favourite game.

However, many started realising that the snags were just too many for them to continue the game.

Repeated instances of the game crashing and audio incongruity were just some of the problems encountered by fans.

With disappointment writ large on their faces, these fans posted their feedback, without losing time-forcing the company to react very quickly.

Withdrawn from the Market

Warner Bros Inc. were left red-faced at the turn of events, but without wasting any time, took the decision to withdraw the product from the market for further evaluation.

Terse press release from Warner Bros acknowledged the incongruous state of the game on PC, with due apologies.

To show their concern and empathy with the disappointed fans, Warner Bros have in fact, offered to refund the buyers.

Warner Bros have also promised to look in to the errors and set them in order to enable the PC users to enjoy the gaming experience.

Games on PS4 and Xbox

Hardware issues that the Arkham Knight games encountered on the PC have not been faced by players owning PlayStation 4 and Xbox, once again reiterating that the modern sophisticated games do not run very efficiently on PCs, in spite of fans equipping their systems with latest gaming cards and other paraphernalia.

This indeed, is a big setback to the fans continuing their gaming experience on PCs and is a fodder for thought to all big-time games designers.

Mixed Reactions

The instant recall of the product and the offer of refund of Batman Arkham Knight game has elicited different reactions from the fans.

A few appreciative fans are prepared to wait for the company to put the problems in order, without going for a refund.

But a few irritable fans have wondered on social media about how callous the company could be in launching a version without adequate tests!


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