Scott Moffitt who is the executive vice president of sales and marketing of the American branch of Nintendo has announced that the latest game on the Nintendo list, The Legend of Zelda, will be released when it is completely ready. The game that is in the development stage for some time now is still not ready and will not see the light of day soon. He also commented on the Metroid series. He further elaborated on the fans expectations from the next instalment and their concerns about its development.

Moffitt said in a statement that a new game called The Zelda is on its way and will be released by Wii U. The development for the same is underway. He also said that the team is working hard to make it a success. He aims to make the game an ultimate experience for all the fans and believes the game to exceed their expectations. He also says that the game will not be released until all the developments are complete and all the features are put into place.

The company has introduced the new game to the audience on two occasions. It was first unveiled at the E3 2014, which was the trade show. Nintendo announced the game?s arrival during the digital event broadcast. The second time the company made the game public was during the Game Awards in the month of December.

It is said that the game?s release was delayed. It was earlier speculated to release in the first half of this year. Many believed that Nintendo?s show at the E3 this year in June was a disappointment. Many fans were disheartened by the game Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Several fans had issues with the game as it does not showcase Samus Aran that has become a signature star of the game. Fans went up to the level to ask Nintendo to completely shelf the game. They obviously failed in their attempts to cancel the game. Most of them are heavily annoyed by the fact that the Metroid game has lost its originality.

Commenting on the same, Moffitt said that the design and structure of the game is completely on the developers. It is their prerogative to look into the developing aspect. The game developers are responsible for coming up with different experiences and new adventures. He also explains that the Metroid series has a local multiplayer feature that gives an edge to the game. Fans also love that aspect of the game. He urges fans to try out the new version and only then come to a conclusion regarding the success of the game. He adds that as of now he has nothing more to announce. He expects that all the fans will love the upcoming game and play it. He also asked the fans for feedback that they can post on the website, and Nintendo will love to add the features the fans want and improve the gaming experience for everyone.


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