I am sure by now an increasing amount of you are familiar with The Last of Us. As it was one of the most impactful PlayStation exclusives of the past generation, so much so that with the arrival of the current generation console the game was ported to it. With enhanced graphics and a smooth 60 frames per second the game continued its success streak on the PlayStation 4 as well. A sequel to such a game was inevitable, and awe and behold in late 2016 Naughty Dog announced that they were making The Last of Us 2. Recently to much surprise of the players, after much speculation the game received a release date aimed at February 2020.

Well, as the title suggests the news are not necessarily of the good nature. The Last of Us 2 was set to release in February 2020, but in a recent tweet creative director of the game Neil Druckmann has confirmed otherwise. In an apologetic tweet vice president of Naughty Dog has confirmed the release date for The Last of Us 2 has been delayed until May 29, 2020.

Druckman says that the game needs more polish to bring it to Naughty Dog level. And rather than cutting corners with some parts of the game the studio decided to delay the release of the game.

Unlike countless other times when games have been delayed due to unknown reasons and for unspecified periods of time, at least we know the when’s and what’s about The Last of Us 2.

If you have played any other of Naughty Dog’s recent games like the Uncharted series or the first Last of Us, you know that eventually the games that they churn out are complete gems and I can argue that Naughty Dog has not made a single bad game. So, if a studio like Naughty Dog comes forward and says hey, we need more time, that’s actually good.

Because in today’s era of rushed and incomplete video games, (looking at you Far Cry!) it’s refreshing to see the developer actually coming clean and explaining the situation, and it means that the studio working on the game actually cares about the final product and the fans. Given Naughty Dog’s track record of nothing short of amazing titles there is no reason to be worried whatsoever. The trailers and gameplay clips tell us that the gameplay is pretty similar to the first game, (hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!) but bigger, better, faster and stronger. Since Ellie, the main protagonist, is older here then she was in the first title the changes in the gameplay elements seem justified. For everything else we will have to wait and see the game in more detail.

In any case it’s a bit sad to hear that the game is delayed, but at least I can sleep knowing that Naughty Dog is working on making the game the way it is supposed to be made.


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