Plenty of licensed and fully branded slot games are now available at all of the online casino sites that carry the range of no download required NetEnt slots, and one that may just be of interest to you is the Invisible Man slot game.

The main benefit you will have of playing slot games which are themed around books, famous celebrities or films, is that they tend to be much more exciting and interesting slots to play due to the fact that the slot designers have had to pay a licensing fee to design and then launch the slots!

That is certainly the case on this slot and when you choose to play it you are going to find it boasts a? fixed payline playing structure, a very unique bonus game which is triggered in something so a bizarre way, but much like each and every other NetEnt slot it does come with a high payout percentage.

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

By you spinning in both a Police symbols and/or a Griffin wild symbols on the first and last reels those symbols will walk across the slot game reels when you play off each respectively spin.

They will move on reel to their right and left respectively and as such during the base game they can help you achieve additional winning payouts. However, if you see those two symbols merging as they walk across your slot game screen then their merging will trigger and award you with a set of free spins.

You are initially awarded with ten free spins which will start to play off immediately, and if another two of those symbols spin in and merge together as you are playing of any free spin then another 4 free spins will instantly be awarded to you.

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Staking Options and Jackpot Payout

If you have so far found what you have read appealing in regards to playing the Invisible Man slot game online, then have a look through the following set of facts and figures which should help you make your mind up as to whether this is a slot you will want to play.

The Invisible Man slot game is a slot on which you have 20 pay lines on offer each of those pay lines are optional and you can play it for stake levels as high as 100.00 or you can play this slot for stake levels as low as just 0.01 per spin.

By playing the Invisible Man slot game with just one coin per line in play a 500 coin jackpot payout can be won, that jackpot will be awarded to you when a line of five of the Flora Character reel symbols have spun in on any activated payline you have put into play.

The Policeman symbols in play on the reels of the Invisible Man slot game are the Wild symbols, those symbols stand in for all of the standard reel symbols and will help complete winning combinations, but they will not stand in for any scatter or bonus symbols.

You will find the Merging Policeman Scatter symbols are what are going to allow you to play off a bonus game on this slot and as such you will need both of those two symbols to merge together as they are making their way across the slot game screen to get to play off the bonus game.

Invisible Man Slot Playing Tip

You can fully tailor your own slot playing session when playing this or in fact any of the other instant play, web browser slots on offer at casino with the NetEnt suite of slot games on offer.

To allow you to do that you need to click on the option settings tab at the bottom of the slot game screen. Please do checkout those options settings when you play this slot for you will find that by playing around with some of them you will have a much better slot playing experience when you find the option settings that suit your playing style!

Additional Information

Should you like what you have so far read about the Invisible Man slot game then there is another vital piece of information that we think you will be interested in knowing, and that is the long term expected payout percentage of this slot is a very large and appealing 96.40%.

There are two quite separate ways that you are going to be able to access and play the Invisible Man slot, for NetEnt have it available on both their mobile and online gaming platforms and as such you can play it via a web browser or if you prefer you can also play it on any touch screen enabled mobile device.

Be aware though that as there are now so many different casino sites offering the NetEnt suite of slot games that you will find plenty of valuable bonuses are going to be made available to you, more so if you join up and become a player at more than one casino site!


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