The highly successful Bethesda Game developer?s maiden venture in the form of Fallout Shelter on the iPhone platform has become a smash hit, prompting the company to contemplate release of this game on an Android platform.

Though it was anticipated that as early as this month, Bethesda would release the game for the Android phone users, the company has chosen to delay the release.

Fallout Shelter on iOS

After developing various entertaining and successful games for Windows, Xbox and PlayStation platforms for over a decade and half, Bethesda launched Fallout Shelter exclusively for the iPhone users this year.

Lots of experience of designing and marketing games for die-hard gaming enthusiasts has obviously stood in good stead for the company, as the iPhone users have overwhelmingly embraced the product.

In a record of sorts, the game has been downloaded on massive scales in about 48 countries.

As per the company sources, users exceed about 70 millions from all over the world, making it as one of the top ranked games currently!

The Next Logical Step

Naturally, the overwhelming success of the game has made Bethesda think hard about their future options.

Since it is crystal clear that from now on mobile platforms would be the most preferred option for users for a variety of applications, it is not surprising to see Bethesda think about expanding its operations on the mobile platform.

Hence, Bethesda began to develop its popular Fallout Shelter game for the Android phone users as well.

As Bethesda is weighed down by huge expectations from the public following this game?s launch for iPhone, the game designers are wary and at the same time highly determined to come up with a version, which is perfect for Android users.

Testing the Product in the Lab

Though Bethesda is aware that delay in launching of Fallout Shelter on the Android platform could disappoint the public, the company has decided that the product launch could wait, at least for another month.

Bethesda wishes to ensure the smooth run of this game. Without hurrying to meet any deadline for the launch date, Bethesda has decided to fully test if the Android version of the game is as thrilling as the one launched earlier for the iPhone.

In fact, Bethesda has even recruited a group of software professionals to lead the company on its expansion drive on the Android platform.

Additional Characters in Fallout Shelter

Bethesda is moving not just to capture the Android users market, but has been working to stabilise and strengthen its new found iPhone market.

To enthral its iPhone user base who has lapped up Fallout Shelter games with such vigour, Bethesda has come up with additional characters for the game.

The characters have been picked from the successful Fallout series. One of the first characters released by Bethesda for this new game is Preston Garvey, the popular character from Fallout 4.

Now iPhone users can look forward to an enriching gaming experience with other characters from the Fallout series too!


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