With 2019 coming to an end in weeks, The Game Awards 2019 took place last week and it was filled with surprises and accolades for almost every section of the e-sports industry. Awards were distributed to game developers, e-sports athletes, tournaments hosts, streamers/entertainers, etc. Famous personalities like Stephen Curry presented the awards on a night that was filled with glitz and glamour.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won the award for the best game of 2019. This Japanese creation can be played on both PC and consoles. Sekiro has been rated on of the best anime graphics recreation ever. It’s a single player stealth based game with an intense story line specifically suited for anime lovers. The moment Sekiro was launched streamers from all over the globe were spending hours daily trying to broadcast the full gameplay from start to finish. Here’s the trailer and gameplay preview,

Best Fighting Game of 2019

Super Smash bros. Ultimate took home the award for best fighting game of 2019 and this came as a surprise to many. Among the list of nominees were Mortal Kombat and Jump Force, two of the highly anticipated titles released this year. Namco managed to win the award with this edition of a fast paced multiplayer fighting game. Mario battles it out with many other fun and powerful characters in fun arenas. The ability to play with 4 players was an extra added incentive when it comes down winning the award. Not many fighting companies have incorporated 4 player fights this well in their games.

Best Multiplayer Game of 2019

Apex Legends bagged the award for best multiplayer game of 2019. With three seasons almost done, Respawn is still keeping Apex Legends as the best multiplayer game by introducing a whole new map and adding other content updates. Introducing a new map added a much needed freshness to the game. The Apex Legends community has been happy with this achievement as they managed to beat the other nominees which Borderlands 3 and Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare.

Apex legends is a free to play FPS game was turned into an overnight success in 2018. Ever since then the game has been attracting millions of players and offers various limited time modes through every season.

Best Racing/Sports Game

Crash Team Racing – Nitro Fueled was give the award for best racing/sports game in 2019. There was stiff competition from other sports games which include Pro evolution soccer and FIFA 20. Crash Team Racing is Crash Bandicoot’s version of a racing game and it’s available on console. The game runs on simple mechanics and supports up-to 4 players via split-screen. Players have the ability to launch rockets or plant mines to slow down opponents.

The other racing titles to make the list were Dirt Rally 2.0 and F1 2019. Both of these games are tough for beginners and takes hours to practice to get a hang of the game. Nitro Fueled is completely opposite when compared to the latter two. It’s way easier to play and gets addictive after a few races.

Best Ongoing Game

Fortnite managed to clinch the title for the best ongoing game. The end to Chapter 1 of Fortnite created history with millions watching the whole map get pulled into a black hole. You cant expect anything more dramatic than that for a battle royale game. The constant content update has kept the game one step ahead of all the other games. The game is right now in its Chapter 2 – Season 1 phase and the duration of a season has increased by 30%.

It’s cross platform ability allows players on almost any device to login and play together. In all honesty, none of the other game developers have managed to pull this off. Until someone challenges Fortnite’s cross platform abilities, this game will still remain as the most played shooter game online.

These were the major big name awards distributed in this year’s Game Awards. Here’s the full video link of the award night.

Which was your favorite game of the year and why? Post your thoughts and comments below


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